Indian Eagle Owl has great hearing and observation capabilities. So the best way to look for them is in the evening by tracking their calls. There are 33 species of Owls in India, some small, some large and some extremely fierce predators. But they make a foraging flight to dive on the prey. The eyes of the Oriental scops owl are yellow with white brows. The species has a repeated liquid call sounding like "tuk tok torok". Usually found near open or semi-open woodland, with scattered trees and wooded riverside belts. There are two color morphs, namely grey and rufous. Usually, found on the edge of the rocks. Apart …, The Peregrine Falcon famous for its speed during its hunting …, Hornbills of India come in various sizes, Shapes, and Colour. The clutch consists of 2-4 eggs laid on bare ground. The eggs are incubated by the female for 33 to 35 days. Mr. confirmed that it was a Oriental Scops owl. The diet of the Indian Eagle Owl also includes small mammals, Rodents, Reptiles, Frogs, Crabs, and Partridges. The area just below the nape or the hindneck has an indistinct rufous, black and white collar. It was our day before the last day in Kaziranga, all our safaris were over and we had nothing much to do at evening, so our guide Mr. took us to a tea garden behind our stay. Bright light can cause temporary blindness to them. Few suggestions that I would like to mention are :-. Scops owls are also attracted to moths wandering around the lights, and they love to scoop them. The Oriental scops owl was actually the best experience that happened to me in Kaziranga, Assam. Scops owl diet. Comes in grayish-brown and bright rufous morphs. Oriental Scops Owl (Otus sunia) bird sounds free download on Photographing the bird, characteristics, distribution & breeding and the necessary details: The Oriental scops owl is a small nocturnal bird of prey and therefore is difficult to spot during the daytime and with their well camouflaged appearance spotting one becomes more difficult, they can easily blend with branches of a tree. If you have any queries then please do ask questions. All copyright of images registered with 2017. So it would tend to fly away if disturbed. There was sheer silence, even a single footstep was audible. If a Barn Owl lands right next to you, chances are you won’t even know it. Sexes are alike. 3-4 white eggs are laid on the floor of the nest.during the incubation period the female alone incubates the eggs while the male brings food . Owls feed on Insects, Birds, Small Mammals, Rodents, Reptiles, Crabs, and Fish, They Can turn their head almost 270 degrees, The feathers of the Owls help them blend them into their habitat and makes them almost impossible to detect in some cases, A Barn Owl can be identified by its heart-shaped face. Breeding in Oriental Region: widespread, also e Asia; can be seen in 27 countries. After walking for sometime we heard calls, at first we weren’t able to identify the calls but soon enough as the calls became more clear we were sure that it was some sort of owl. The diet of the Indian Eagle Owl also includes small mammals, Rodents, Reptiles, Frogs, Crabs, and Partridges. Being smaller owl species, they do not eat large mammals and usually prefer small insects like grasshopper, beetles, small crabs, moths, cicada, small vertebrates, and even sometimes small mammals, reptiles, and frogs too. There are two colour morphs, grey and rufous; intermediate forms also occur. The surroundings were cold and soundless so we played calls and within few secs we saw something to flutter above us. Some individuals may freeze with eyes half closed when disturbed. Hunting & Food: This owl feeds mainly on insects and spiders. To our surprise even when it could see us clearly then, it didn’t fly away but sat on the branch for almost 10-15mins more and started calling sitting just above us, which also gave me an opportunity to record its call through my cellphone. If calls are used make sure not to play them for much longer as it might create a distress to the bird when it can’t  infer to the source. Kerela is a South Indian state of India known for …, Munias of India India is home to 8 species of …, There are more Birds in Hyderabad than you think. Their diet includes mainly insects  and spiders though occasionally they would also pick up small vertebrates, hunting is done both from perch and flight. These owls are generally classified with barn owls (Common Types Of Owls). Smallish scops-owl with bright yellow eyes. They Breed during the month of February to May in the Indian subcontinent. The Oriental scops owl (Otus sunia) is a species of scops owl found in eastern and southern Asia.It can be distinguished from the Collared scops owl by  well marked underparts, a whitish scapular stripe and lack of pale a collar. Indian Eagle Owl’s breeding season is during October and April. Breeding: Breeding season is from February to May in the Indian subcontinent. The Bengal Eagle Owl prefers hilly terrain in scrub forests. But during winter it also feeds on other birds. Scapulars have whitish-buff spots with blackish edges. The owls will also eat earthworms, amphibians and aquatic invertebrates. Oriental Bay Owl Oriental Bay Owl can even hunt near water. Scops owls have a good sense of hearing which helps them locate their prey in any habitat. The regularity and rhythm of this call is quite variable over this owl's range. The male begins by singing near potential nesting sites, which are usually holes in trees or walls. Individuals may freeze with eyes half closed when disturbed. It welcomes the female by going into the hole and singing at the entrance. Indian Eagle Owl or Indian Owl(Bubo Bengalensis) is also known by the names of Rock Eagle-Owl and Bengal Eagle-Owl. But this time it was not alone, another Oriental scops owl joined the first one and sat on a perch above the first one. Then it went and sat on a branch on a nearby tree. But during winter it also feeds on other birds.