Order Now. Quick View. Cooking Instructions . Find A Turkey. Heritage Turkey Farm is a local farm in Waupaca, Wisconsin. Find our Thanksgiving Turkey Near You. Fed an all-vegetable diet of organic grains, they are free to roam and roost. Perfect for a big family dinner - no bones, no waste. Curbside Pickup. LocalHarvest helps you find local, organic, farm-fresh food near you. Our organic turkeys are juicy and flavorful with 20% more breast meat. 10% off Organic Ground Chicken and 10% off Organic Chicken Sausage. Order the best in local foods & have them delivered to your car! Our Thanksgiving turkeys are available at natural food stores across the Midwest. At the turn of the 20th century each region of the country had its favorite breed of turkey. The store is open every day except for Sundays and holidays. Do you have a farm store where the public can shop at? OFC Certified organic turkey direct from our organic free range turkey farmer Ewart Sylvester, from his farm 'Aroona', nestled in the foothill… Organic turkey – rolled breast roast – approx 1kg All meat! Available seasonally. Categories: Products; Farms; Meat Farms; Produce Farms; Food & Drink; Eggs; Milk; Free Range Eggs; Fruits & Vegetables; Turkey; Free Range Turkey; Dairy Region: New Hampshire Our Products. The best of the best. We also raise heritage Bourbon Red turkeys in season. Raymond’s Turkey Farm 163 Hampstead Street Methuen, MA 01844 (978)686-4075 (978)686-2162. Click here for more information. Our birds live freely on pasture, grass, bugs, and sunshine. Yes. With Christmas fast approaching, thoughts turn to the main attraction of a traditional festive lunch with a delicious roast turkey. The Popular New Jersey Organic Turkey Heritage Turkeys - The Red Bourbon Turkey Heritage turkeys are turkeys that have not been crossbred to enlarge its size and are the birds our ancestors ate at their Thanksgiving celebrations. We feed our poultry a certified organic mix of real grains without soy. PREPARATION. Open Hours. Like us, if you like to feel safe in the knowledge that your chosen bird has lived a stress-free and happy life then choose a farm-fresh one from our pick of the best free-range turkey … *LOCAL* $ 79.95 > Add to cart. Our locator will help you find a turkey near you. Frequently Asked Questions. Fenwood Farm Country Store is the name of our retail store, located at 774 Sawmill Road in Ancaster. Nutrition Facts . Based on 2 reviews. We are a certified organic farm that raises chickens and ducks for eggs and meat. Organic Turkey. Time to order your Christmas Turkey. Shop items from more than 100 local farmers and food makers. We are a very small farm producing raw Nigerian Dwarf dairy goat milk, fresh organic free-range eggs, organic Heritage breed turkeys, and delicious organic veggies. Find Products Near You. Skin on for crispy skin and tender juicy roast turkey.