Made from the purest organic heirloom olives possible, the olive oil is free of preservatives, additives, chemicals, or GMOs. For those unaware, the term “seed oil” is another name for common vegetable oils (which are actually from seeds rather than vegetables) such as canola and grapeseed oil. Instead, opt for extra virgin or virgin olive oil. It is packaged in a green-tinted glass to preserve all the natural goodness of the oil. Required fields are marked *. Pompeian's Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil uses the world's best olives grown under conditions that help protect the fruit's natural antioxidants and the environment by Pompeian's family of farmers and craftsmen. This olive oil comes directly from the organic family-run orchid estate of Kasandrinos in Greece. The olives are freshly harvested for this oil. Here’s just 7 of them! According to the USDA Food Composition Database, extra virgin olive oil contains the following amounts of fatty acids per 100 grams (9); Firstly, there are three primary groups of fatty acids, and these are as follows; All three of these fats contain the elements carbon and hydrogen. All Rights Reserved. With the strongest flavor of olive oils, it also has the lowest smoke point (375-400 degrees Fahrenheit), so use it in dressings, toppings, and sautéed dishes. Several studies have tested how olive oil performs when exposed to high-heat cooking temperatures. If an olive oil can be chill, this olive oil would be. Is there really good reason to fear cooking with extra virgin olive oil? Extra virgin olive oil has three key qualities that make it an excellent cooking oil: it contains predominantly stable monounsaturated fatty acids, it has a low level of free fatty acids and it has a high level of protective antioxidants. Pompeian USDA Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, First Cold Pressed, Full-Bodied Flavor, Perfect for Vinaigrettes and Marinades, Naturally Gluten Free, Non-Allergenic, Non-GMO, 16 FL. Bragg’s is one of the top health brands globally today and this olive oil of there’s is no exception when it comes to top quality. However, while olive oil might be a good choice for the kitchen, it is important to buy a good quality oil. Furthermore, scientific research widely supports the idea that olive oil is generally beneficial. Saturated fats are the most stable fatty acids, hence they are most resistant to oxidation (4). Pure Olive Oil … This Olive oil is pure, unmixed, non-blended or adulterated. In one study, researchers used several commercial oils for deep frying and took samples of each oil every three hours. Packed with polyphenols, healthy monosaturated fats, and amino acids, olive oil is an integral part of a balanced diet which … Based solely on personal opinion, I expect ghee would display better oxidative stability, but those who worry about the effect on LDL etc may prefer to use olive oil. Actually, coconut oil was one of the other cooking oils in one of the test studies (see the table). Research shows that these compounds can have adverse effects, and chronic exposure may be detrimental to human health (1, 2). However, oils which are repeatedly heated are the biggest source of oxidation products (3). The next in line is virgin olive oil, similar to extra virgin but has an oleic acid content of >1%, a less intense colour and flavour. A certified fitness trainer for the past 4 years, with a great taste for fashion, trends, and culture.I always keep my advice independent and unbiased. This double bond can be broken, which makes monounsaturated fat slightly more prone to oxidation than saturated fat (11). Rich in polyphenols such as oleic acid, hydroxytyrosol, and Vitamin E, add this olive oil to your diet for anti-aging benefits. While this mindset is changing in recent times, one particular fat—extra virgin olive oil—has long held a “heart-healthy” reputation. First of all, fatty acids are prone to oxidation from heat, light, and oxygen. Extra virgin olive oil is the cream of the crop when it comes to olive oil, having been cold-pressed, nonheated and refined as little as possible. The packaging includes built-in Pour Spout for convenient use, a screw-on cap, and a dark green glass bottle, to reduce exposure to light. $5.49 - $24.73 #3. The smoke point of oil—the temperature at which the oil starts to burn—is another metric that people use to judge the merits of a particular cooking fat. This is the original superfood. This award-winning olive oil has one two gold medals at the LA County Fair for it’s decadent flavor and natural state. The EVOO has been certified with a protected designation of origin seal, guaranteeing its origin and purity. These specific polyphenols include hydroxytyrosol, tyrosol, oleuropein, and oleocanthal (19). Olive oil is one of the healthiest culinary oils on the entire planet! This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Hi Mare! In fact, extra virgin olive oil was more stable than saturated fats like coconut oils, and oils with high smoke pointssuch as avocado oil. I’ve read coconut oil has one of the highest smoke points but in the table it ranks lower than Olive oil. The diagram below shows one example of a polyunsaturated fatty acid which, in this case, has two double bonds; Since olive oil is around 90% saturated and monounsaturated fat, it is fairly resistant to oxidation. Ideally, you would want your olive oil to come in a dark glass bottle to preserve the natural compounds this oil is abundant in. ). I would love to see a study like the one referenced that included all the different animal fats. Additionally, extra virgin olive oil is one of the richest dietary sources of polyphenols. When you walk into the supermarket, you will be encountered by a few different kinds of olive oils, namely light olive oil, virgin olive oil, and extra virgin olive oil. Here is our selection of the best organic olive oil available for purchase online, all of which are of very high quality and standard! As it is unfiltered, it ensures that the maximum health benefits stay with the oil. Over the past several decades, dietary fat has often had an undeserved “unhealthy” reputation. In this study, extra virgin olive oil generated a lower amount of polar compounds than any other cooking fat. Personally, I think it adds a nice flavor to foods too, though some people don’t like the taste. La Tourangelle is dedicated to making carefully crafted, sustainable, and natural products. If you’re looking for flavored olive oil, the Mantova Extra Virgin Olive Oil variety pack covers all of the bases. Your email address will not be published. Organic, unfiltered olive oil from 1000 year old trees. Olive oil is a must-have in any healthy household, the benefits of which are endless! Elegant, complex, and delicious. ♦ Organic Aspirations © 2020. Since olive oil is predominantly an unsaturated fat, some people claim it is not suitable for cooking. Kouzini is a Greek ‘ultra-premium’ certified oil, it is organic, and it is a single origin EVOO from the Southern Peloponnese area of Lakonia, Greece. It is made from 100% organically grown olives straight from the Mediterranean coasts of Greece. I am thinking I’ll just go back to using extra virgin for all my cooking and salads, but I do use coconut oil too ;o) Reply. This is a 100% Greek Single-origin EVOO from the southern Peloponnese of Lakonia, Greece. If we look at the smoke points of … Virgin Olive Oil. This olive oil is unfiltered, which makes all the difference as it means all of the olive oil’s beneficial nutrients and vitamins are preserved. Drizzle onto your favourite dishes for added antioxidants, healthy fats and tantalizing taste. This is important, as it will retain most of its benefits when not heated. Furthermore, unlike many other cooking oils, the oil is kept at a certain temperature throughout the entire process so none of the natural components and nutrients in the oil are … This oil tastes like the height of spring smells. Let’s first look at the oil’s fatty acid breakdown. For this reason, the process of frying with oil can cause some of the fat to oxidize. Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Despite the fact that the smoke point of extra virgin olive oil exceeds home cooking temperatures, there is a persistent myth that it is unsuitable for cooking.