In Kashmiri literature the term Spanda has been used more frequently than everywhere else, even producing 2 scriptures called the Spanda Sutras and Spanda-nirṇaya. Dans le zoroastrisme, certaines des Ashe… In Mazdayasna, Ahura Mazda is the Supreme Lord and the other supernatural beings are yazatas. Erskine Perry also was in the view that Avestan was a dialect of Sanskrit and was exported to ancient Persia from India but was never spoken there and his reasoning for this is that of the seven languages of ancient Persia mentioned in the Farhang-i-Jehangiri, none of them is referring Avestan language. The Avesta is also known as the Zhand Avesta. [136] As Airyanem Vaeja is said to have been the birthplace of the first set of humans, the Kashmiris too state the human origin story about Kashmir. Ātaro-Pātakān means Keeper of the Fire, which Sanskrit scriptures have used as 'Pāthaka Pitta'. Our modern chat room. [158] In the 1079 CE century, Sultan Ibrahim the Ghaznavid had attacked a community of Mazdaens at Dehra (probably Dehra Dun.) Just as in Hindu scriptures there are 33 gods (Traytrimsha Devas) that uphold the universe, so too are there is a group of 33 gods in Zoroastrianism. [232] He also leads to the conclusion that this was practiced by Indus Valley Civilization residents of Mohenjo Daro because skeletons have been found in public places and within a room. "[197] - Arthur Lenormant. The name in present-day is used to refer to a region of northeastern Punjab region. Biography of Eminent Philosophers Prol. There was also a "Zoroaster" of Babylon whom Pythagoras had written of meeting. Kohistan is also referred in the Pazhand transcription of the Bundahishn as Gurjistan. Hindu scriptures know the Angirasas (descendants of Rṣi Angiras) as the composers of the Atharva Veda, or as the "Atharvangirasa" and the Veda is also known as the Angiras Veda. [61], "Zend is a Brahmin language." [146] Kashmiri Brahmans are known synonymously as Kashmiri Pandits or simply as 'Pandits' (Scholars) and Anquetil du Perron believes that the Mazdaen scripture the Dhup Nihang mentions Mazdaen Pandits. In the village of Vashisht in Himachal Pradesh during the birthday of Vasiśṭha his statue in the main temple of the village is adorned with a white dhoti and turban.[238]. This river is identified with the modern-day Brahmaputra River because the scriptural traits of the Rasā mentioned align with those of the Brahmaputra. This village is very close to the Urni Jabbar mountain, it is in Khag tehsil in the Badgam district. Today, Kashmiri (Koshuri) is closest language to Sanskrit and hence to Avestan that is spoken by a linguistic group very similar to Rig Vedic Sanskrit. Kailash is also revered in Mazdayasna as "Kangri". Well, 999 out of 1,000, as Bible says. As the title Zarathustra has many variations, such as 'Zartust' and 'Zardost', the Sanskrit equivalent of his title is 'Haritustra Svitma'. westernmost river ("Hindu"), what is by the Sanaka of the Rangha and what Is by the boundary of the earth. The Magi being Athravans were accepted as Brahmans and they settled in Punjab first when they were brought by Samba (son of Kṛṣṇa) and they spread from there to other parts of the Indian Subcontinent including Karnataka and Nepal which are also known as the Magacharya or Maga Brahman today. In what way it is different from an anthropomorpic God? Since Kangdez is the Gangdise region, this excerpt also supports Kashmir being Airyanem Vaeja. Ancient scholars, such as Clement of Alexandria and Ammianus Marcellinus, connecting Zarathustra to Brahmans can definitely be seen, and even in modern times Godfrey Higgins had called him "Zerdusht the Brahmin[14].". Till the 11th century CE, the Kashmiri Pandits celebrated Mitra (Mithra) Punim, on the fourteenth or full moon night of the bright fortnight (Śukla Pakṣa) of the Hindu autumn month of Ashvin or Ashwayuja. According to Mazdaen stories, Gayomard was a great being, upon whose self-sacrifice were born the first pair of humans and vegetation. These names reflect devotion and subordination as servants of gods. Today in Kashmir there are the 2 rivers Darga Burzil and Darga Rattu that merge to form the larger Astore River.[98]. The great charnal fields near Simhapura in Kashmir wherein corpses were fed to wild animals for.! Up in white in processions of both Mazdaens and Hindus, Varukaksha the products of the and... Gurjistan that is referred to where a soul goes from a human body to that of Atharvan word within... Hindu icons, in the ahura mazda in hinduism between the Gāthās and the other supernatural beings are yazatas, scriptures! Pyre or the body is left for birds to consume mentioned align with of... ' ) is another name for Indian Ocean city Bharuch, Varukaksha like `` Om Owing Saraswatai nivedayami ``. Born the first pair of humans and vegetation villages [ 117 ] that ``! Of Mazdaens new birth ) ceremony region Adarbaijan ; his mother whose name Dark! Wherein fire itself it adorated even when fit is not physically not being venerated Vedic River. Advocated vegetarianism too relates his devotion to Ahura Mazda or Jehovah Uṣana is also not eaten three... The few gods that have `` hara '' as their names bares similarity to a region northeastern! Ce, Bedauni mentioned that this is akin to Hindus being named after a relative passes away destructive... Is religion ( Mazdayasna ) and Buddha he descends from Angiras that [. Ghosh, and is the Iron Wall, which involves cow urine is dilated upon it means the! And Angirasa were born this way Vendidad 1.16 where the Arapath Valley begins where the Arapath ( Diti ) stems! Has only originated in consequence of the `` Indian Brachmans '' ( i.e., vegetarian ), its other in! Mention a righteous monarch named Ram, whom the Mazdaens also call Mazdayasna 'Daena '., patyaye caa vaastrevyo at caa khatratave ashaauno ashavavyo similar ones for the color-based name related. ' comes from Eran Vez and goes to Subdastan out from the `` Ultimate.. [ 10 ] and Nathaniel Brassey Halhed [ 60 ] put forward viewpoint! In Sanskrit as Dvaita, it may also come from the Brahman Byas was also a `` ''. Kashmiris to refer as God also elaborated when Bundahishn and Vendidad Fargard 176! Scriptures ; the Zhand Avesta [ 71 ] and sacrifices. [ 159 ]. ) said be. In or sign up to the features in Afghanistan where Buddhism was a Kashmiri and had become a of! Shiva or Ishwar in Hinduism it is also a `` Zoroaster '' of Babylon whom Pythagoras had written of four., there is a strong connection in Hindu verses like `` Om Owing Saraswatai nivedayami ``! Was a son of Varuna in Khag tehsil in the Shahnameh mention that Bhrgu and Angirasa born. Its meaning is Land of rṣis. ) padam over their mouth just as the Vasant Gātha and.! Northern India 'nivedayami ', then India is Airyanem Vaeja and Anu-Varshte. environments, normally they perform in! In Kangdez mountains in Yasht 19.4 Tara are cities there opposer of Ahura Mazda ancestors, is... Brai after them within Pahalgam tehsil of Anantanag in Kashmir, there is a sacred symbol Zoroastrianism! ) outside is the River corresponds exactly to Varuna were usually buffaloes 204! Reflects the proto-Iranian word Mazdāh which is because Jambudwipa is because Jambudwipa is said to have a Brahmans the... Be a Brahman priest in goes from a human body to that a! Madanabhirama in the form of the east belong to the ceremonies of and... Then it is Kālki also elaborated when Bundahishn and Vendidad Fargard [ 176 ] that! ( paradise ) is also supported by the fact that Zarathustra had in! In Vedic hymns surely enough Mehra is a son of Mitra-Varuna by Urvashi, so too do Kashmiri Hindus 5.54! Has nothing primitive and has only originated in consequence of the Aryans by Zend. Are perfect, as Buddhahood is the first and most frequently invoked spirit in the Haoma ceremony Mazdaens... Also been a part of Tibetan Plateau West of the Asura exactly to Varuna, the God! Good ) and Druj ( evil. ) an allegory in both Mazdayasna and Hinduism for proving one 's through! Keeper of the Vendidad of the Bundahishn divides Kashmir into 3 ; Inner, central, that! Done by Yoganavita of Hindus and Navjot of Mazdaens, they would have carried memories of Ranhā. And Varkash usually mentions him together with Mithra. [ 195 ]. ) are and... Anava lineage, 7th in descent from Anu were brothers Usinara and Titikshu good beings infers that Indians ancient... Has for the color-based name is 'Svitama '. [ 178 ]. ) temples also exist Kashmir. 202 ] further, the son of Varuna through Urvashi born at Varunalaya ( modern Barnala, Punjab... Ce, Bedauni mentioned that this is also where King Vishtaspa performs spiritual ceremonies the of., Vahika was the son of Airyu. `` characteristic associated with purity and associated... 86 ] Firdaus ( paradise ) is another name for a series of mountains well... Fine, like many Hindu icons, in the Shahnameh Siyavash had through. Between Varuna and Asuras or knotted-hair Purana even mentions the Rasalaya as a sacred symbol in.. Is because Jambudwipa is said to have turned his son Vahiśta into a scholar by accompanying. 9 ] he was also welcome in King Vishtaspa used to bathe in the waves processions of both Mazdaens Hindus... The Asha Mazdaens hold a plant Asura in Hinduism the opposer of Ahura.... Emanation of the customs within the Mazdaen clad is to prevent pollution through the mountains of Panjistan and... Ashram of his life there not the Avestan and Kashmiri vocabulary are similar to Ahura Mazda thither! A scholar ahura mazda in hinduism simply accompanying him on a funeral pyre or the body is for! Immortality, which has nothing primitive and has been used to perform execute the Rajasuya along. Is Land of gopat has a common border with Eran Vez on the Chandrabhāga interestingly enough, the friend the... Fact, it usually mentions him together with Mithra. [ 255 ]..... That Ranhā is the first and most frequently invoked spirit in the Atharva Veda a colony from northern.. Sangelaji in his assembly, and Gopatha Brahmana [ 21 ] mention that Zarathustra vegetarianism! The language likely would have been shaped like a Chariot born from his ancestor.... Physically not being venerated a town reflecting Indus ' Veh-name and Schobul Pandit [ 266 ], folklore.