1.0058. Product name : Nitric Acid CAS-NO. process called interpolation. nitric acid solutions.By using a density hydrometer or from the density determined at any parti-cular temperature within the range of the tables, composition of the solution can be determined. concentration (% weight) of Nitric Acid (HNO3) solutions in water at different temperatures in degrees centigrade (°C). density of nitric acid is equal to 1 512.9 kg/m³; at 20°C (68°F or 293.15K) at standard atmospheric pressure.In Imperial or US customary measurement system, the density is equal to 94.447 pound per cubic foot [lb/ft³], or 0.87451 ounce per cubic inch [oz/inch³] . No votes so far! The density-composition table is based on data obtained from the International Critical Tables, 1928 still authoritative and related to mass, not to apparent mass in air. This solution has a boiling temperature of 120.5 °C at 1 atm. Pure nitric acid only exists at -41° C. in the form of snow-white crystals, which decompose slightly on liquefying, into nitrogen pentoxide, N 2 O 5, and water.Passing a current of dry air through this liquid removes the N 2 O 5, and leaves a colourless liquid with a 98.67 per cent, content of nitric acid. Density ρ at 20°C (g/cm³) mass percent HNO3. Be the first to rate this post. This calculator calculates for concentration or density values that are between those given in the table below by a It is known as "concentrated nitric acid". We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. 1.3 Details of the supplier of the safety data sheet Company : Central Drug House (P) Ltd 7/28 Vardaan House New Delhi-10002 INDIA The table below gives the density (kg/L) and the corresponding Molecular Weight 63.01 . Density of nitric acid HNO3 (M=63,02 g/mol) Density ρ at 20°C (g/cm³) mass percent HNO3. It boils at 83 °C. Clean Air Act: This material does not contain any hazardous air pollutants. Nitric acid, SAJ first grade, 60.0-62.0%, density: 1.38. Ph Eur - Find MSDS or SDS, a COA, data sheets and more information. Click here for more Density-Concentration Calculators. Nitric acid, puriss. Pure concentrated nitric acid is a colourless liquid at room temperature. : 7697-37-2 1.2 Relevant identified uses of the substance or mixture and uses advised against Identified uses : Laboratory chemicals, Industrial & for professional use only. MDL number MFCD00011349. 2,3,9,10,16,17-Hexachlorinated boron subphthalocyanine chloride. density of nitric acid is equal to 1 512.9 kg/m³; at 20°C (68°F or … Concentration of commercially available acids and bases, Density of sulfuric acid and sulfur trioxide, Electrochemical series of some non-metals, Chemical Shift Index (Secondary structure of Amino Acids), Important emission lines in the flame photometry, Important Silylated Compounds used as 1H Shift References, Enhancements Factors for NOE and INEPT Experiments, Abbreviations and Acronyms use in NMR/MRI, Introduction into the Symmetry of Molecules. Density of nitric acid. The table was taken from "Perry's Chemical Engineers' Handbook" by Robert H. Perry, Don Green, Sixth Edition. Experiments demonstrate that mixtures containing more than 50% by weight of nitric acid in acetic anhydride may act as detonating explosives under certain conditions. Anhydrous nitric acid has a density of 1.513 g/cm 3 and has the approximate concentration of 24 molar. Density concentration table (+20°C) Thank you for visiting www.mt.com. 80°C. 100°C. PubChem Substance ID … In Imperial or US customary measurement system, the density is equal to 94.02 pound per cubic foot [lb/ft³], or 0.8705 ounce per cubic inch [oz/inch³] .