Lo…, The blisters, putting up a tent in the pouring rain, or the challenge of scaling a mounta…, From December, all students aged seven and above at local and international schools …, The Covid-19 pandemic continues, and it has been nearly a year of disruption to learning,…, ‘Rigorous’ mock A level and GCSE exams are to be held this winter as part of…, A quieter corner of Singapore with lots of natural beauty, the East  is a largely r…, All children below the age of six are no longer legally required to wear masks; the cut-o…, The cost of an education has never been such a talking point. We also wanted continuity: a school that offered all grades up to the end of high school. Take our survey and help other parents. Parents are warmly invited to get involved, which is great: you can take part in dedicated workshops, attend coffee mornings, go and cheer at various sports events, and even visit the library! The children summed it up very succinctly: Nexus was the unanimously preferred school, because everyone was friendly. We could see the school in action and really feel the atmosphere. Are you a parent, teacher or student at Nexus International School (Singapore)? This is wonderful as it reflects our own background: there are six of us in our family and we come from three different continents! • Number of candidates registered in the session: 28• Number of diploma and retake candidates registered in the session: 28• Number of subject entries in the session: 215• Number of candidates who passed the diploma: 24• Average points obtained by candidates who passed the diploma: 32• Highest diploma points awarded to a candidate: 44• Average grade obtained at the school by candidates who passed the diploma: 5.10. It’s known for encouraging students to think critically and globally early on — which is why we call it one of the best private schools in Singapore. The school also embraces its international student body by celebrating a host of different global festivals, giving children the exposure to many different cultures. To support the arts, there are two drama black boxes, music recording studios, ceramics room with kiln, visual art classrooms and an auditorium. There’s no denying that Nexus also respects and values the arts as an essential element to any well-rounded education. At the new campus, there are jam rooms, recording studios, mixing desks, kilns, two black boxes and a theatre. Our preferred choices are Dulwich college and Dover court, but unfortunately both are full until later in the year . Since opening the school has thrived in the popular residential area of Holland Village. There is an Aquatics Centre, with an Olympic-size pool, a shallow 20m pool for younger children, teaching classrooms, yoga studio and weight training room. Alex, Sadie and Pippa are full of confidence thanks to the inclusive and community feel of Nexus International School (Singapore) HoneyKids recently had a chat with Michela Zanata and Nicholas Lee, parents to Kosal, Jenny, Isabel and Richie, who are students at Nexus International School (Singapore) and here’s what they had to say…. Beyond the classroomStudents are encouraged to take the lead and leave the classroom at Nexus. Listen to the people who know the school best – the parents – to get the lowdown on real life experiences that could make or break your school search. The children are supported in their learning, but they are also prompted to think and explore with an open mind, and the results are fantastic. Get the Nexus Experience here. What does the school feel like? We have been very fortunate to work alongside architects Broadway Malyan to help design our dream campus; however, our whole school has been involved in the process. In the secondary school, ages 11-16 years, students work towards their IGCSEs and then the IBDP in Years 12-13. She's called Singapore her home for the past seven years and thinks it's an awesome place to raise kids. Nexus international School in singapore (8 Posts) Add message | Report. School Selector Parent review of Nexus International School (Singapore): Michela Zanata and Nicholas Lee share their story. For example our youngest started at Year 2, coming from an Italian pre-school. Parents' rating: 3.6 out of 5 based on 8 reviews, International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP), Middleton International School (Tampines). What comes across at Nexus is that teachers are committed to integrating these innovative learning technologies into the classroom – and using them to aid learning in all subjects, in all year groups. The International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP) at Nexus is recognised by top universities and is an excellent preparation for university entrance exams around the world. Nexus International School (Singapore) Thank you for registering for the Nexus International School (Singapore) CCA Transport Service. We also receive a newsletter every two weeks with a useful summary of past and future events. CIS's Principals' Virtual Coffee Chats series. They also appreciate the variety of activities, during classes and outside of the classroom. As well as teaching a foreign language to all students from nursery through to Year 13, Nexus offers Mother Tongue classes after school. The school, which has a sister campus in Malaysia, moved to a new purpose-built campus in Aljunied in January 2020. All the best sanity-saving tips, fam-friendly hotspots plus heaps more. For the Intermediate levels it is more varied. The school offers an IB program, with influences from the British, Australian, and New Zealand systems. There’s also an English class for parents, which highlights one of many ways in which the school is building its close-knit community. They all love the educational approach, very practical and inquiry-based: the fact that they seem to learn without much effort just because they feel at ease and like what they do. Request Information, A new primary school has opened in Singapore with annual tuition fees of just $14,900. For example, mindfulness classes are held throughout the school, and an annual Are You Okay? The key focus in the early years at Nexus, though, is play-based learning – and this is made possible in a dedicated nursery and kindergarten pod that is separate from the rest of the school. It is an Apple Distinguished School, which highlights its efforts to create an innovative learning environment and use of digital resources and apps across a wealth of subjects. Beyond the classroom, there are plenty of play areas with climbing walls, quieter zones for our older children, and a cafeteria with tandoor and pizza oven. My two daughters attend the school and couldn't be happier. Even without the most modern of campuses by Singapore’s standards, the school has created spaces to develop new pedagogical ideas – and we are excited to see how this will be developed even further at the new campus. Teaching here is guided by the so-called Nexus Way, which focuses on relationships, inclusion of all students ranging from the gifted and talented to those with learning needs, and innovation. There’s a real feeling that Nexus has learnt from the limitations of its existing space to design and build the ideal school for its flexible learning style. Our boy in Year 2 gets a very small amount of homework. Jana is a mum to two sweet little boys. Are you looking for a place for your child, and want help from our school consultants? Music education is available at most schools – if you’re prepared to pay for it – and Nexus is no different. Lastly, we wanted a school with a learning support service, embracing each child’s learning journey as different and unique: in our case, children with bilingual parents, and experiencing their third country/language/culture and schooling system within a little over four years. She hoards children's books and sunglasses, and is a sucker for anything bright and shiny. So, rather than finding a maths class working through a textbook of sums, you can expect to see students cracking codes to get into locked boxes.