Namola Leuba (Drought Relief) he renamed, nay misnamed it, Ipelegeng (Self-reliance). The President, his Deputy and Ministers given their current upkeep by the State and compared to other Batswana who don’t even qualify for namola leuba, should under the prevailing and … The brainchild of President Ian Khama’s administration, … In the 80’s, Ipelegeng then Namola Leuba used to employ the aging populace, but now the project is now a lifeline for able-bodied graduate youths. In 2013, Mme Grace Meiki Masuku passionately called ‘Namola Leuba” (Agent of Poverty Relief) was awarded the Chancellor’s Medal at a spring graduation ceremony, in recognition of her profound … Namola Leuba is the major employment initiative. The administration of such a scheme is sensitive and any mishandling could result in major political upheaval. Unemployed Batswana rely on this project.