The response curve is pretty flat (actually flat, not hyped up top) while still giving a solid sound with a bit of weight to it. MXL V67G Large Capsule Condenser Microphone4 4. Blue Yeti USB Microphone5 How to Choose […] If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. MXL V67G Vs MXL 770 Conclusion In general, MXL 770 may seem to be a better value for the money, as the extra features of pre-attenuation pad and high-pass filter can be very handy and beneficial in usage. Contents1 1. I need a new mic for recording male Hip-Hop and R&B vocals in an untreated room, because my AKG C1000S isn't sounding all that great.. maybe because it's a small diaphragm condenser, not really sure. The MXL V67G is a sizeable 32mm pressure gradient condenser mic for a meager price. In a prior article, we have compared the famous Audio Technica AT2020 against MXL 990. But, now, MXL 770 is entirely different with MXL 990. MXL V67G Vs AT2020 MXL V67G Vs AT2020. AT2020 or V67G or Something Else? June 29, 2016 July 1, 2016 by admin. I wouldn't hesitate to buy the 2003s or the V77 as well, if we could afford them (which we can't, at the moment). Which one will serve us better? Behringer C-1 Studio3 3. Audio Technica AT20201.1 Audio Technica AT2020 Review – What is it?1.2 Audio Tecnica AT2020 Review – What I Liked1.3 Audio Technica AT2020 Review – What I Didn’t Like1.4 Audio Technica AT2020 Review – Overall Thoughts2 2. I believe you'll be better served with the MXL V67g. AT2020 Colour Black Connector XLR Connector Colour Screen No Power Source Corded Electric Voltage 240 Volts Item Weight 600 g Manufacturer audio-technica Additional Information. Rightfully so, it’s one of the most popular microphones at its abnormally low price of $58 due to its solid-state preamp balanced transformer output. ASIN B0006H92QK ... MXL Mics 770 Condenser Cardioid Microphone (Black) 4.3 out of 5 stars 98. However, if you prefer a brighter mic, then you should choose MXL V67G. Apex 460 vs MXL V67G vs Audio Technica AT2020 vs M-Audio Nova vs MXL 990 for Recording Male Vocals.? The studio wound up buying the Marshall MXL-V67, the Marshall MXL-603s, and the Marshall MXL-1000 (as an extra 603). By aznwonderboy in forum Microphones Replies: 5 Last Post: 05-07-2004, 13:28. my V69 compared to my V67g. Comparison of MXL V67G and Rode NT1000. As an affordable all purpose large diaphragm condenser mic, the MXL V67g is a great choice. In the following article, we will once again match Audio Technica AT2020, this time against another popular product as well namely MXL V67G. Previously, we have compared AT2020 with MXL 990, which is pretty cheaper, and AT2020 won the duel.