It’s probably no surprise that white bread comes in at the unhealthiest bread … We’ve gone back to … It was extremely soft, with a crumb that wouldn't … From Seed to Slice ®, you’ll find NO ADDED NONSENSE ® in our breads. To help you suss out the best bread on the shelf, Canstar Blue surveyed over 500 shoppers for feedback on the multigrain bread … We asked a panel of volunteers to taste 13 nationally available brands to find the superior slices. Multigrain bread may cost more than your traditional loaf, whether it’s a supermarket private label or one of the big-name brands, but the popularity of multigrain bread is certainly on a roll. … Our winning multigrain bread, Nature's Pride 12-Grain, is on "production hold," because this brand was purchased by Flower Foods from its former manufacturer, Hostess Brands (along with Wonder Bread). See where your favorite bread falls on the list! Made with several different whole grains, you’ll get nutrition and great taste in every slice. White Bread. Pepperidge Farm Whole Grain 100% Whole Wheat While this was perhaps the best of the Pepperidge Farm options, that doesn't mean it was a winner. Sure, whole grain bread is good for you, but which loaves lead the flavor pack? Healthy Multi-Grain. We’ve got a list of some of the most common bread brands found in stores today, ranked from unhealthiest to healthiest. White, wheat, whole grain, sprouted… the list goes on and on!