Depending upon where you are there are tons of different plants that can do that. It’s difficult to water due to its placement and the slope of the yard. The sawfly is a pest of all pine species; tree death is rare though it is possible. Can Mugo pine be grown in the Springfield Illinois climate? The plants were maybe 12″ x 12″ when we put them in, they candled last spring beautifully but I sware they grew maybe 4″ at most. Tip Blight. You have mentioned that the yellow growth are flowers with pollen. He's also been a horticulturist and aesthetic pruner at a top quality Japanese Garden, as well as a freelance garden consultant, Risk Management Consultant, Insurance Safety inspector and head banging Ice Cream Truck driver (yeah that was me cranking "And Justice for All") among other things. Why Are Mugo Pines Turning Brown? I will start next year. Once a needle is brown it is dead. Do I wait and see what will happen this growing season? After reading your post- I’m a little concerned that he has no idea what he’s doing. I’m very glad I found this post! There are numerous pesticides to treat them. They are on the west facing with some shelter, so sun exposure could be a bit different for the stunted shrub It won’t make a big difference but will help promote growth a little. I got rid of the yucky caterpillars a few weeks ago with my homemade insecticidal soap (Dr. Bronner’s Peppermint soap & water )and now I’m noticing something that we as kids called “snake spit” on the branches. I have a mug online in the corner of my yard, which faces North. Would like to reduce some of the branching. I would not use it or any other horticultural oil during the Summer months at all. This summer I tried Miracle Grow Singles made for watering cans, 24-8-16, at 1/2 strength for my garden orchids which are next to a Mugo pine. They probably will be bare for quite a while. It is huge–at least 6′ high and 8′ across. Thank you! Spotting an infestation by one of these insects before they have a chance to cause any noticeable damage can go a long way in protecting tree health. You can prune the none broken branches a bit. The mugo pine suffers from several fungal diseases. They have been beautiful. Neem oil can burn plants if used during hot weather. I want to pull it out and move another ornamental bush into that spot. Yes, they don’t feed on the new growth so it will fill in a bit this year as the candles expand. The two Mugo Pines here have started to brown out very quickly – one more than the other. Pine sawfly is a green and black caterpillar like insect that chews pines needles. Alright, I lied. Should I cut them off? One of them has not grown at all. I understand candle pruning, but very few people do it, and if they do, it’s too late. By the way, I’m endlessly amused by lightly shaking the branches during pollination season, and watching the huge pollen cloud that emerge. I think I hoped it would spread and spread until it covered the yard, and I wouldn’t have to cut the grass anymore. Thank you for your expertise. In spots where you want your pine to grow to conform to the ideal shape, you have to let it grow in that direction by leaving candles that will grow into that area longer. Our mugo pines have a growth on many of the bottom end of the secondary candles. I read an earlier post from someone that this happened to. Similarly, the pine needle scale (Chionaspis pinifoliae) affects all species of pine and can kill a pine much more easily than can a sawfly. There is a mugo pine in my front yard that was planted by previous owners. Spotting an infestation by one of these insects before they have a chance to cause any noticeable damage can go a long way in protecting tree health. Next Spring as the candles are beginning to open you can start spraying a preventative fungicide on the newly opening needles. Mycosphaerella pini). The branches are all flattened over toward the ground on one side. Not sure how to proceed. It’s rangy to the point that I can see through it and I’ve been thinking of removing it. ( that’s why I guess I haven’t noticed ). Once you see symptoms it is too late to bother spraying. Plan the perfect garden with our interactive tool →, North Dakota State University Extension; Mugo Pine, Penn State College of Agricultural Sciences Agricultural Research and Cooperative Extension; European Pine Sawfly, Penn State College of Agricultural Sciences; Woody Ornamental Integrated Pest Management; Pine Needle Scale Fact Sheet. Density & Shape – How dense is the pine. If you leave them you will see them become pine cones. Q. Mugo Pine Shrub - I have white spots on my mugo pine. On all three shrubs Do you think pine needle blight? They are looking sparse, sad and brown in parts. It is rare in the St. Louis area but may affect Austrian, jack, red, Scots, mugo, and ponderosa pines. Thanks, Jim. I have a mugo pine that is 6 feet tall and almost 30 years old planted on the northwest exposure. You may also want to candle any sections of the pine that were not in the area that was damaged, while leaving the damaged area candles alone. Same with Junipers. . You will want to cut candles with a pruner or snap off with your fingers to reduce their eventual length. I live near you,. I would apply a balanced slow release fertilizer like Osmocote 14-14-14 now. Your email address will not be published. April is also early spring for me, so I’ll wait until then. Specifically near the bottom which are covering our grass. The birds love the cover of the evergreen foliage. Would either of those actions hurt the pine? Pine needle scale feeds by sucking plant juices from the needles, causing them to turn yellow and eventually brown. They are taking over the entire “territory”. That will have to wait a week. If you live in the relatively dry, warm climate with full sunlight that fosters successful growth of mugo pines, one of the best ways of ensuring successful growth is to protect it from pests that could endanger its health and life. Hope you can share with me. Is there a way to improve its looks and reduce it in size by maybe a third? Described as tough and rugged by some experts, they can grow in USDA plant hardiness zones 2 to 7. It sounds like they might have some blight. Hello, Jim. We had heavy snow in are area this year. Can I replant over it without removing all or most of the roots? I don’t make it. If you do a reduction cut back to another sub branch, the subbranch will continue to grow. And do I understand that cutting into the actual wood of a branch will kill it? Two of our mugo pines have needles that are yellowing and turning brown. Diseased needles may drop prematurely, several months after they are infected. Nobody gives them enough room! Last time I said I would give you more smaller shade trees. . The time frame for solarizing the soil also puts transplant time at early fall which probably also gives the new bush a better chance of survival. I have a mugo pine that was sickly when I moved to the property 10 years ago and finally now is too diseased to save. Last question. It is about 12 years old and has been transplanted in a rock covered area along with some other plants. While at Texas State, McCloskey worked as a writing tutor at the Texas State Writing Center, proofreading and editing everything from freshman book reports to graduate theses. Both have a few branches that are completely dead. What is it? You might as well give it a try. Should I get some Bayer Tree and Shrub care? Required fields are marked *. Should I have done this? You have to do this before the candles become hard and woody in mid summer. They are easiest to spot by looking for spots where the needles have appeared to be striped away. Them eating the old needles and a lack of candling to keep the length of the shoots from extending too long can certainly produce a mugo with a sparse center. I also yanked a lot of Mugo Pines out of the ground with my truck. The Mugo pine, Pinus mugo, is a dwarf evergreen tree or shrub introduced into the U.S. from Europe in the late 18th century and typically grown for ornamental landscaping and decorative purposes. The mugo pine leans away from the fence northward and leaves a huge space behind it.