I did those Color Challenges but im stuck with white against the blue deck. The new quest will be in the same place you used to click to get to the Color Challenges, and each day it will refresh with a new dual-colored deck for you to unlock. The upside to this is that “skipping” the Color Challenges isn’t really skipping them, but just unlocking the rest of the game modes on MTG Arena which would otherwise be locked until you finish most of the challenges. So, you’re certainly not alone if part of this left you scratching your head. So, sit back, relax, and worry not, as we guide you through MTG Arena’s Color Challenges and hopefully shed some light on what you can expect. But who knows, it would make it easier on Wizards and players since it’s just kind of one-and-done, don’t need to worry about the mono-colored starters anymore. I'm new to MTG Arena, but not the game in general. Anything other than bot matches count towards finishing it just like normal daily/weekly quests, be it Standard Ranked, an event, Traditional, or Historic! But, honestly, the non-ranked Standard queue is just as good a place to do this (for the most part) so you can probably skip ahead to how to bypass the whole thing. Black is equal measures life and death, and uses both to their advantage with lifelink, deathtouch, and more. Nikki is a writer and editor for Draftsim, and a casual MTG player with a few years under her belt. Unfortunately, even if you “skip the tutorial,” there’s no way to unlock all the decks without going through the New Player Experience. All rights reserved. Or maybe you really like fighting the AI nemeses that MTGA is throwing at you. If you lose a bot match at any point, you don’t lose any progress, so that’s a plus. What that will end up looking we’ll have to wait and see, but the idea is that they’ll have a separate “always BO1 legal” set of cards that make up the starter decks, so they’ll never be affected by rotation. Here is a list of our top suggested resources. Commander Legends releases on November 20, 2020. Unless you skip them, which you can do, but we’ll get to that in a bit. I’ve unlocked all the mono decks which feature cards from M21 Core, but the dual decks still look like they are built on cards that are going to be cycled out in September. Last but certainly not least is green picking up the rear, headed by the huntress Vivien Reid. Skipping the tutorial only unlocks the play modes, not the decks. Here’s how to “skip” the Color Challenges and unlock all game modes: 1. Though, unfortunately, you do have to re-earn all the decks that you already unlocked a second time, even if you had just one left. We mentioned that you can edit the deck at this point, which means you don’t even have to use the “upgraded” starter deck and can experiment with dual-colored decks if you want. We'll see you in game. Not approved/endorsed by Wizards. Sparky#12345). A whole esports scene to qualify for in-game. Want to skip the tutorial for now and then play through it later? What used to happen after this “tutorial” is that you’d be able to play the game as normal (if somewhat restricted at first), earning Mastery Orbs as you leveled up which allowed you to unlock more cards along with the game’s 10 dual-colored starter decks through the Account Mastery Tree.eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'draftsim_com-box-4','ezslot_14',153,'0','0'])); Now, though, things have changed quite a bit. New events to check out every week. When you start your challenges in green, this is what you’re heading in with: Large and in Charge starting decklisteval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'draftsim_com-leader-2','ezslot_13',163,'0','0'])); Jungle Delver x2Ilysian Caryatid x3Treetop Warden x4Woodland Mystic x2Generous Stray x3Wildwood PatrolBaloth Packhunter x4Prized UnicornRumbling Baloth x2Sentinel SpiderGigantosaurusAffectionate Indrik x2Rampaging Brontodon. All you have to do to get it is complete whatever quest shows up for the day. The dual-colored starter decks come next, but we’ll get to that in a bit. Once you’ve left your opponents in the dust as nothing but charred ash, here’s what you’ll be getting: Tin Street Cadet x3Goblin Tunneler x2Nest Rober x4Molten Ravager x2Goblin Gan Leader x2Goblin TrashmasterOgre Battledriver x2Immortal PhoenixVolcanic DragonSiege Dragon x2, Shock x3Storm Strike x2Burn Bright x2Inescapable Blaze x2. The Mastery tree is no more, and you don’t unlock the five mono-colored decks after the five tutorial matches you face with Sparky’s guidance (even though you still get the completion screen saying that you did).