Operate two curtains (centrally opening) or a single curtain (open from one side to another). These products also come with built-in rechargeable batteries for prolonged runtime. The electronic curtain track is slim in design and your curtains will be securely held by the gliders. Automatic Curtain provides all kinds of solutions for both your home and work space automation. Get your house connected with Somfy home automation with automatic electric curtain rods, operate your curtains individually or as a group, with remote control The motorized curtains are designed in various sizes for every user to find the ideal pick for the windows. We offer total flexibility on control. An extra hook on the end of the rail will also help hide the motor that powers your motorised curtain track. Our online megastore for motorized remote controlled electric curtain track systems and a vast selection of motorized window treatments for your home or office automation. In addition to this, they are fitted with powerful efficient motors that allow for easy operation. Do it yourself and assemble the tracks easily. Has a built-in electromagnetic clutch, allowing the curtain to be opened by hand. Electric tracks are ideal for hard-to-reach, large or heavy curtains, AV and conference rooms or just a touch of luxury. Electric Curtain Track Systems. With over half a century of experience with electric curtain tracks we have the widest, most efficient and reliable range. With our Abalon Motorized Track, you can control the activity of your curtains at a distance. Both with the power on and off; This minimises the risk of damage to curtain heading, if the guest is unaware that it is a motorised system, and opening by hand it feels like most manual curtain track systems ; Touch motion function with opening and closing of curtains. The DIY smart electric curtain track system can cover windows from 1 … The track can pull curtains that weigh up to 60kg. You can choose between centre and side opening. The motorized curtains are also easy and quick to set-up as they come with the mounting hardware. This ensures, your electronic curtain track is evenly spread and your curtains are fully supported. Motor. Motorized Track with Remote Control. DIY Smart Curtain Tracks (HT700), Built-in integration with Amazon Alexa and Google Home, IFTTT. This product has a sophisticated design and is easy to use. Motor and Remote Control