This will open the Bluetooth settings window. ; Choose the type of device you want to add Now, a popup will be opened. I looked in system preferences, and the Bluetooth icon is also missing from there. ; Then click it again and select Add Bluetooth or other device. Option to turn Bluetooth on or off is missing. USB Bluetooth Adapter. ; Locate the malfunctioning device, for example Bluetooth keyboard, click it, and select Remove device. (see screenshot below) If you do not have a More Bluetooth options link available, then your PC doesn't include Bluetooth … Then click More Bluetooth options under Related settings. Under the Mouse pane, there is no options for the magic mouse, only tracking speed and click speed. yes scrolling down my cameo screen there is no bluetooth option at all gone? On the popup, under Options tab tick the checkbox saying Show the Bluetooth icon in the notification area. It could be your keyboard, mouse, phone, headphones and so many more. Click the Bluetooth tab, scroll down to the ‘Related Settings’ and click ‘More Bluetooth options’. If none of the solutions worked so far, then you probably have two options left. ; Click on Devices. However, users may sometimes encounter Bluetooth issues on Windows 10.Sometimes, Bluetooth settings are nowhere to be found. Lastly, click on Apply then click OK button. From here, you can easily uninstall, rollback or update the driver by clicking on the appropriate button and following the on-screen instructions. *Original Title: Bluetooth settings missing! Here are the steps: Click on Start. I'm trying to add a bluetooth device, but when I search for it it doesn't appear in the list (when I search for it on other devices I can find it and connect) actually there are no devices listed. Type Windows Mobility Center in the search box and open it. Make sure Bluetooth is selected. I have since replaced the batteries, and then noticed that the bluetooth icon is missing at the top of the screen/staus bar. Bluetooth Options missing in Devices under Settings. There will be an option to enable Radios. The batteries were low, so I dismissed it. In case method 1 did not help you fix Bluetooth Not Available issue, try to reinstall the Bluetooth device: Right-click on the Start button and select Settings. Click/tap on Bluetooth & other devices on the left side, click/tap on the More Bluetooth options link under Related settings on the right side, and close Settings if you like. In the very first tab ‘Options’ you will see a ‘Discovery’ section with an ‘Allow Bluetooth devices to find this PC’ option. I received my Cameo 3 yesterday had lots of problems trying to get bluetooth to connect found info online about all the updates etc you have to perform to get it to work, well finally got a connection only to find today that the bluetooth option on the cameo screen has disappeared!!?? Now, click on Bluetooth. ? Bluetooth is used to connect all kinds of devices to your computer. Try enabling the Bluetooth using the key combination 'Fn+F2' keys. 7. Also, check if the Bluetooth is enabled under Radios option in Windows Mobility Center. Here, right-click on your Bluetooth device and then select the option “Properties.” In the properties window, navigate to the “Driver” tab. In order to fix these issues, you will have to carry out the following fixes: Update, Rollback or Reinstall the Bluetooth driver.