Monterey Liqui-Cop - Copper Fungicidal Garden Spray. Metallic copper equivalent..... 1.8% EPA Est. (Companion Liquid Biological Fungicide) 4 hr. For preventative control of common diseases, use Liqui-Cop to complete cover plants to lessen the chances of infection. Copper Fungicides for Tomatoes Tomato Disease Help Southern Ag Liquid Copper Fungicide Directions and fungicide recommendations given here are based on non-restricted use products that are read- ily available from. Read and follow all applicable directions and precautions on this label before using. Shake bottle well. It is very weather resistant and sticks to the plant or woody surface once it’s dried, providing long lasting control. REI . Can be used on flowers, fruits, and vegetables to control listed plant diseases such as powdery mildew, rusts, black spot, leaf and fruit spot, downy mildew, fruit rot, late blight, and leaf curl. The copper penetrates the leaves of the plant and can kill harmful organisms such as funguses. Liquid Copper Fungicide is a copper fungicide garden spray that controls many diseases attacking citrus, fruits, nuts, vegetables and ornamentals. No. 4-NY-1 EPA Reg. Monterey Fungi-Fighter. Must be applied within 1 hour of mixing therefore mix only the amount that can be used. Lawn & Landscape Radio Network … Phosphorous Acid. Keep spray agitated during use. Monterey Fruit Tree, Vegetable & Ornamental Fungicide. No. LIQUI-COP controls many diseases attacking citrus, fruits, nuts, vegetables and ornamentals. When using Monterey Liquid Copper Fungicide RTU it is important to identify the type of disease in order to use the best method of disease control. For use in homes, gardens and greenhouses. † Powdery mildews tend to occur on the upper leaf surfaces, as though a white powder is sprinkled onto the plant. Monterey Bi-Carb Old Fashioned Fungicide. 67702-2-4 Liquid Intended For Residential Use Only For roses, listed fruits & listed vegetables Job# 138229 138229 Liquid Copper Pt 4-811.pdf 1 3/1/18 11:53 AM Can be used up to day of harvest. December 9, 2008 Monterey Lawn and Garden Products, Inc. Fungicide. This product is highly weather-resistant and does not need to be applied with oil or a surfactant. OMRI listed for organic gardening. Wettable powder copper … Liqui-Cop fungicide is manufactured ybe Monterey and is a copper-based formula designed to control fungi and diseases on crops like fruit trees, nut crops, citrus and many more. Do not store prepared spray solution. Copper sulfate pentahydrate See label for specific use instructions. Related. Copper sulfate, which is sometimes referred to as bluestone, was one of the first types of copper used as a fungicide. -Replacement for Lime sulfur. Copper’s a metal and, when put in a liquid state, can be sprayed or wiped on plants. There are many types of copper products that you can choose from. -Liquid copper fungicide spray for disease prevention on fruit trees, nut crops, citrus, vegetables & ornamentals. Add the required amount of Liquid Copper to water as directed in the How to Use table. Please note: DO NOT mix with other insecticides, fungicides, oils or wetting agents. -Extremely weatherproof & does not require oil or a sticker. -Very economical Replacement for Bordeaux mixture with an expanded label. -Can be mixed with oils such as safe-t-side, for use as a dormant spray on fruit trees. Monterey Liquid Copper Fungicide RTU is a dormant and growing season fungicide.