What makes the issue worse is the fact that the monitor malfunctions without any specific event or time. Check enable PowerMizer.  According to our research, there isn’t any official statement as well from official sources. There can be a case where your HDMI cable isn’t working properly or is damaged. Step 3: Click "Proceed" to start the data backup process. Brithny updated on 1) Press the menu button on your monitor and select Menu. I have tried using other VGA cables but it still happens. i just called tech support. In order to help you solve your screen goes black a few seconds problem, we have these solutions below: Solution 1: Try a Windows Key Sequence to Wake the Screen. Make sure you are logged in as an administrator before continuing. For example, SATA connections might require more power than the motherboard. Here, the processor performs short bursts of computation for a small interval. Here in this solution, we will navigate to the power settings through the motherboard and change the settings. Removing the software won't leave your PC unprotected because Windows Defender Antivirus will kick in if no other antivirus software is running. Press Windows + R, type “devmgmt.msc” in the dialogue box and press Enter. If the issue doesn’t persist there, it means that you should get your PSU checked. Now Settings will be opened up. Also, it might take some time depending on the size of the update. There can be a case where your HDMI cable isn’t working properly or is … Check if the issue also occurs when using that hardware. Copyright © EaseUS. "My dell external monitor goes black after about three seconds and soon it turns on again, and then it will go on turning black. Once in the application manager, search for the application which was causing the issue, right-click on it and select. During that interval, the CPU reaches its threshold temperature and the overclocking stops until the CPU is cooled again. These programs are known to conflict with the OS and graphics when trying to ‘optimize’ the computer by eliminating several important processes. Step 2: Choose the system, disk partition, files or apps that you want to back up. What you can do here is trying another PSU temporarily. Here, we will perform some basic troubleshooting techniques and see if they help us diagnose and solve the issue. Usually, almost all of these programs allow users to change the graphics settings to enhance the features or add some custom ones. These power settings might be set to a value which might not be compatible with your system or might be conflicting with your motherboard. Then select a destination where you want to store the backup file. Some third-party antivirus software has been known to cause black screens. 0 Kudos. When these bugs are identified, Microsoft engineers roll out updates as soon as possible targeting the issue. , "Backup, restore and recover documents, as well as create emergency disks and wipe your hard disk entirely.". Power interference issues are known to be a major cause of why your monitor fluctuates. Re: Monitor randomly goes black for one second at a time. Also, we suggest that you backup your data just in case. If the issue is with your Computer or a Laptop you should try using Restoro which can scan the repositories and replace corrupt and missing files. The solution is to download the Nvidia PowerMizer manager software from software.informer.com. After installing the updates, it seems that the monitor works perfectly. Here, if your PSU is damaged or not transmitting power properly, you will experience numerous problems ranging from your monitor blinking again and again to the computer crashing. If they do, it will help us troubleshoot what the culprit is. Start your PC in Safe mode. You can download Restoro by clicking the Download button below. One-click to clone, upgrade, or transfer your system quickly. Other times it would turn black for a few seconds and it would flicker as well. The solution to this is to try a UPS (uninterrupted power supply) which will regularize the voltage coming to your computer. Click the button. Privacy Policy | License Agreement | Terms & Conditions | Uninstall | File Recovery | Disk Recovery. Rumours Claim Samsung To Be Working on a TriFold Design for the Fold 3: A Rolling Display in the works as well. Also, make sure that you change the cable connecting the PSU to your mains electricity outlet. Here you will see the mode of power set currently. To confirm that the HDMI module on both your input and output are working properly, use a pure HDMI cable and check. they suggested to press on the ok button on the monitor, then using arrows go to factory settings, then press the ok button on yes. Third-party programs such as NVIDIA GeForce Experience and AMD applications usually come bundled with graphics hardware/drivers. Superior record of delivering simultaneous large-scale mission critical projects on time and under budget. Although these settings are meant to improve the quality of the computer, here they seem to do the opposite. "Sometimes this doesn't happen but when it does, my screen would go black for a second then 5 seconds go by and it happens again (it would repeat another 10 or more times). On top of this, make sure that there are no computer enhancing programs running on your computer. Step 2: Expand Diskpay adapter, find your graphics card driver and right-click on it to choose Uninstall device to fix laptop screen goes black … Download and install DDU (Display driver uninstaller) from its official website. Your PC will automatically boot into another Startup Settings screen, press F4 to initiate the reboot into Safe Mode. Note: If all the above methods don’t work, it probably means that you have to get your monitor checked. Below is the method on how to disable the dedicated graphics: This method might be the last but it is just as important as the other ones. Step 1: Launch EaseUS Todo Backup software and then choose "File Backup", "Disk/partition Backup" or "System Backup" for different backup purpose. A malfunctioned GPU which is usually used a lot and is overclocked is known to cause the fluctuated output to the monitor. Press Windows + R, type “. Here is the method on how to uninstall these applications: Note: You can always save the temp configuration file of the third-party application in case you want to install it back on and don’t want to lose all the configurations you set.