The company has stepped away from its delivery model, instead focusing on its residency at West. It’s flavor is bright and tart, somewhere between lime and sour mandarin, unique and assertive enough that this donut needs no further adornment. We love Canada. You’re practically eating a vegetable! Mikiko Mochi Donuts may resemble a donut in appearance, but beneath the surface lies a textural experience. Let the fruity, floral guava and buttery macadamias take you on the world’s cheapest vacation. What better way to celebrate our fair city than through a rose-flavored donut? This just may be peak donut. Seattle has always had an extensive variety of great options in this dessert category — here are some of the shops still open for takeout, and the occasional delivery. • Mikiko [Official]• West [Official]• Why Mochi Doughnuts Are Trending in Portland Right Now [EPDX], One of Portland’s New Mochi Doughnut Pop-Ups Lands in Northwest, Sign up for the Mikiko Mochi Donuts may resemble a donut in appearance, but beneath the surface lies a textural experience. So much so that Katherine Heigl refuses to work with it. Our classic chocolate glaze is the perfect introduction to mochi donuts. You earned it, champ. Ube is having a well-deserved moment. Earlier this year, school teacher Emily Mikiko Strocher and chef Alex McGillivray began dipping their baked, butter-mochi-based pastries in glazes flavored with calamansi and pandan and delivering them to people’s doorsteps. The rise of the mochi doughnut continues in Portland. The Dough Club, a modern Japanese bakery known for their Japanese “Pon de Ring” style mochi doughnuts. Hard to top the combination of rich, nutty toasted black sesame glaze and unctuous miso coconut caramel drizzle. NOT VEGAN, our donuts do contain egg. That would be a bit gauche. Email Address. Calamansi is a star, baby. We’re working on it. Tel: 510-657-8869 Popups: not happening for the foreseeable future due to COVID restrictions. Owner and Portland native Alex McGillivray has been cooking in the city since 2005, from humble beginnings at Oaks Park to developing an award-winning healthier yakisoba noodle now served in school districts throughout Oregon. Because they are made with rice, mochi donuts … Some might say it’s the boring choice, but chocolate is pretty popular in Damascus and Estacada too. Our corgi doesn’t help out at all, I don’t know why we hired him. View photos, read reviews, and see ratings for Mochi Donut. Our dochis are fried fresh in a unique donut ring designed to be easily shared. But you have never had a donut like this. Naturally gluten-free and baked instead of fried, Mikiko Mochi Donuts are made from mochiko, a flour made from sticky rice, and are available in a wide variety of flavors ranging from classics to the exotic. Browse the menu, view popular items, and track your order. Respect the timeless simplicity of the maple glazed donut. West is located at 1221 NW 21st Avenue. No bacon, no verse from Drake, just good clean fun. We top our ube glaze with a dusting of li hing, a sweet & salty dried plum powder popular in Hawaii for basically everything. We are Third Culture Bakery, home of the Original Mochi Muffin®, butter mochi donuts, and other foods and drinks inspired by our upbringing as Third Culture Kids—kids who grew up in a culture different … Instead, they found a workaround. Mikiko Mochi Donuts, the gluten-free doughnut delivery pop-up in Portland, is now serving ube, mango, and rose milk tea mochi doughnuts out of the West space in Northwest Portland..