Michigan Supreme Court abolishes the “one-parent doctrine,” protecting incarcerated father's right to direct child placement after mother found unfit . Before you take any steps to have a court declare the other parent unfit, it is important that you are certain in your belief that the other parent is unfit. Focus on how awarding you sole custody will help the child’s physical and mental well-being. University of Michigan Law School University of Michigan Law School Scholarship Repository Articles Faculty Scholarship 2017 Child Welfare's Scarlet Letter: How a Prior Termination of Parental Rights can Permanently Brand a Parent as Unfit Vivek S. Sankaran University of Michigan Law … How to Prove a Parent Unfit. Instead, your arguments and comments should be based on the unbiased facts that support your position. It is easy to get wrapped up in the stress of a divorce, but making a false or reckless accusation will do more harm than good. Some factors that a court may use to determine a person’s fitness as a parent include: A history of child abuse. If you have reason to believe that your child’s other parent is unfit, or if your own parental fitness has been called into question, contact the accomplished legal team at Botti Marinaccio, LTD. We will help you understand your legal options under Illinois law, and we will work with you to establish a child custody arrangement that serves your child’s best interests. Before a court can grant custody of a child to a nonparent from a parent, there must be a demonstration by a preponderance of the evidence that the parent may be judged unsuitable. If the court deems one parent “unfit,” the other parent will likely receive custody. Even if you believe the child’s parent is unfit to have custody, try not to disparage him in your arguments. During a custody dispute, a parent's ability to adequately care for the child may be called into question. Unfit Parent Law and Legal Definition The definition of an unfit parent is governed by state laws, which vary by state. Any court will look unfavorably on a parent with a history of abusing his or her children. A parent may be deemed unfit if they have been abusive, neglected, or failed to provide proper care for the child. However, if you feel strongly that the other parent is unfit, it is important that you make the court aware. Oftentimes this role is performed well; but, sadly, it is sometimes performed poorly. Until now, adjudicating the unfitness of one parent gave the family court power to take a child from the other parent if it determined that was in the child’s best interests. Being a parent is perhaps the most important role a person can play in life. Similarly, Ohio law severely limits the circumstances under which the State may deny parents custody of their child. The mere existence of parental moral or character weakness is not enough. In these latter instances, Florida law provides a method for terminating the parental rights of unfit parents.