There was a lake. So that the chocolate wouldn’t get dirty, obviously….Mello was lost in his thoughts. You're unsubscribed. While following a healthy diet, reduce the intake of sugary snacks since it can cause inflammation in your body, increasing acne. from the story Ask The Wammy's by KingMeow (-=[PrinceMeow]=-) with 802 reads. in the manga it's subtle, but this is one thing that's more obvious in the anime, as there's a scene where he goes to bite his chocolate, but hesitates and stops. Mello eating chocolate. you may or may have not noticed that towards the end, Mello stops eating chocolate. Mello also relies on some information gathered from his girlfriend Darlene after brutally beating her with the other members of the Mafia. You subscribed successfully. ...he didn't stop eating chocolate. In addition to this, chocolate also improves the appearance of wrinkles. He also has an inferiority complex which makes him extremely arrogant and ambitious. Returning to our bed I started to eat the chocolate while continuing to play my game till Mello returned home from his errand, making sure to get rid of the chocolate wrappers. Similar to L's fondness for sweets, Mello is often seen eating bars of chocolate. A lake made of chocolate, and there was that rowing boat, made entirely of chocolate, and the floor, the floor, it was covered with chocolate, a perfect sheet of protective wrapping over it. matt, questions, death-note. Render unconditional love to your skin with Mello’s Rose Quartz Face Roller and get clear skin in just a couple of days. The email you entered isn't valid. The book cites Mello's "hatred of Near," which created "a flaw in [Mello's] personality." Ooop! Mihael Keehl, M (ミハエル・ケール, Mihaeru Kēru), better known as Mello (メロ, Mero) or M is the eldest of L's two successors, raised at Wammy's House—Watari's orphanage for gifted children in Winchester, England; he is also Matt's bestfriend who is the 3rd successor. (the most tragic, 10/10 i cry real tears every time) How to Read 13 states that Mello has "an excellent mind" and that he "sometimes lets his emotions get in his way." WooHoo! Mello has many similar features to L; he has a massive love for sweets as he's been shown to constantly eat chocolate bars. Read Mello: Why do you always eat chocolate? Similar to L's fondness for sweets, Mello is often seen eating bars of chocolate. with that I stood up walking to where I knew Mello kept his stash of chocolate. Ok! That wasn’t all.