in, Article: Meade Lightbridge 12inch Truss Tube Dobsonian - long term review, This is not recommended for shared computers. Another advantage of this Dobsonian is that it requires very little set up time. The 26mm QX EP is fine and it works for me. I bought this scope after several weeks of research into the many different types of scope and mount and decided that this one was for me. However, the Meade Lightbridge continues to perform and show off the wonders of the night sky to me and my family and generally I’m really very happy with its performance. As the scope can store vertically, the whole scope assembly takes up the approximate space of a dining chair. Get the object in focus and then let go; without touching the scope at all you can get great clear views completely free from tube wobble. A cooling fan is built into the mirror cell and you get a rather flimsy looking 8xAA battery case and unpluggable lead. The OTA was also very simple to construct: the truss tubes clamped securely into the mountings on the mirror cell with simple locating lugs and bolts with hand knobs, and the upper OTA fitted onto the truss tubes with some slight tension in the tubes - a very stiff and secure structure. Both the EP and the extension tube will accept a standard thread 2inch filter. With a focal ratio of F/5 you will be looking at EPs at the middle to upper end of the quality market, or you might be disappointed with your purchase. Small movements of the scope keep the object in the EP, or if you can get the object to the edge of the EP you can watch it move slowly across the entire diameter in the field of view without vibration. You’ll never forget the image of Saturn. There are smaller ones in the range which are less heavy. I also enjoy the fact that it’s a Dobsonian mount. I have found that lugging the scope around by the truss tubes can pull the upper OTA and mirror cell out of alignment - so I now lift the OTA by the bearing wheels. Bearing in mind of course that the cool down period is probably well within an hour and actually usually around 20minutes (depending on the temp difference between inside the house and outside). previous experience with telescopes or mounts except an old equatorial mounted refractor a few years ago You will however be looking to buy a couple more EPs and a 9mm is a good start, or if you’ve got good seeing a 7.5mm is a safe bet. The 9mm EP brings areas of the moon a whole lot closer and is even more amazing. The Dobsonian mount gives you complete freedom to move it around the sky at your own pace. Is this scope perfect? Fortunately, my experience of Rother Valley Optics was a very positive one. You’ll then be looking for a counterbalance weight for the mirror cell and that will play heavily on the altitude bearings. Sporting an updated focusing system from the original series, the Meade Instruments LightBridge Plus 12" f/5 Truss-Tube Dobsonian AZ Telescope represents the mid-size in the series to give you excellent light-gathering while being easier to set up and break down versus the larger 16" model. The colour filters I bought I almost never use. However, an UHC filter will help you see nebulosity in the Pleiades as well as a little more in the M42 Orion Nebula amongst others. If I was able to add anything to the scope at a design stage? I take this scope outside whenever I can. You can get over it and it’s okay, but it’s strange nonetheless that the most expensive and highly researched and invested component in the scope is mounted on three such poor springs, sleeves and knobs. Meade’s 12” LightBridge™ Plus offers a 12” (304mm) aperture with 1524mm (f/5) focal length. There is a small issue with the altitude brake in that when in use it can score the side of the polished alloy bearing wheel. Description. You get the whole moon in the 26mm EP. This decision was based primarily upon the large aperture this scope provides and the fact that I personally find using slow motion controls on equatorial mounts very difficult and actually rather awkward - and I personally wasn’t looking for a GOTO mount this time. The assembly instructions were simple to follow and constructing the rocker box was very similar to constructing a piece of flat packed furniture - only even easier. This large-aperture Dobsonian boasts a 1524mm focal length and an impressive light-gathering ability, resulting in sharp, clear images of planets and deep-space objects alike. Buy a heavy light shroud and the scope will go out of balance, forcing you to use the altitude brake and that will stiffen it up, which is unwelcome. The altitude bearing has an adjustable brake which is a side mounted plastic clamp with a large disc of either nylon or PTFE in contact with the side of the bearing wheel - you can tighten or loosen the clamp as required to adjust the pressure of the disc against the bearing wheel. The mirror just sits there! Accessories include: 2” 26mm Eyepiece (providing 58x magnification), metal red-dot viewfinder to help easily locate objects in the night sky, and 2” to 1.25” adapter to provide the ability to use a wide range of different eyepieces. Review of the Hubble Optics 14 inch, f/4.6 Premium Ultra Light Dobsonian Tele... My experience with the Starizona Landing Pad, A quick Review of the MIGHTY MAX 12V 100AH BATTERY, FIELD TEST OF THE BAADER MAXBRIGHT® II BINOVIEWER, My Experience using SkyWatch for the Alphea All Sky Camera from Alcor Systems, Astroart 7 - A Review and "How To" (Part 1), My experience using two 80-millimeter long-focus refractors, interstellarum Deep Sky Guide Desk Edition. The Pleiades is just beautiful and jumps right out at you in the 26mm EP. Please re-enable javascript to access full functionality. Meade’s 12” LightBridge™ Plus offers a 12” (304mm) aperture with 1524mm (f/5) focal length. Nothing has dropped off, broken off, loosened off, corroded, worn out, or snapped. You currently have javascript disabled. You have a choice between an 8”, 10” or 12”, and you can get the deluxe or regular flavor. The 12" LightBridge Plus combines high-quality Meade optics with a fast f/5 Dobsonian reflector design. Beau Brummell No, but it’s pretty good just as it is. Plenty of detail here. Accessories include: 2” 26mm Eyepiece (providing 58x magnification), metal red-dot viewfinder to help easily locate objects in the night sky, and 2” to 1.25” adapter to provide the ability to use a wide range of different eyepieces. It will never fit into a backpack, but does break down into four easily manageable sections: Rocker box, Upper OTA, Mirror Cell and Truss Tubes - plus any accessories and EPs. I know when I unpacked the scope that I thought the plastic red dot finder bracket would be the weak link in the chain, but it’s the the collimation knobs on the primary mirror that give me the most trouble. If kept inside in the warm, the scope will need cooling down when taken outside. M31 Andromeda Galaxy, in good seeing is almost too wide for the 26mm EP. You lift the OTA by the large bearing wheels and it is pretty heavy; if I wasn’t as strong as I am, I might have trouble moving the OTA in one section. Several functions may not work. Articles & Reviews . If you don’t loosen the mirror locking screws after bringing the scope back inside the house, you may find it will go out of alignment.