Ponder upon it - if you have kids, one of if not their favorite treat is something with chocolate in, on or around it. Olmec, Mayan and Aztec civilizations found chocolate to be an invigorating drink, mood enhancer and aphrodisiac, which led them to believe that it … Cayenne pepper and cinnamon are added to instant hot chocolate mix to make this Mayan-style hot chocolate. In ancient times, Maya never mixed the cacao bean paste with milk, instead they used hot water; it was the Spaniards in Colonial times that began to add milk, cream, and sugar to the cacao paste to create a soft creamy taste similar to current hot cocoa. Cast your mind back 3,500 years. The History of Chocolate Timeline Presentation. 1500BC . Indigenous Maya people still drink the following ancient hot chocolate recipe. Mayan hot chocolate or mexican hot chocolate is a spicy version with the blend of cinnamon, chili and a hint of vanilla. Its … What did the Mayans drink? As you wrap your hands around hot cocoa and steam rises, every wonder where it all began? Mayan hot chocolate . Mayan hot chocolate is a traditional drink that were originated from mexico region. This gives both sweet and spicy twist to this hot chocolate drink. All you hopeless romantics send your muses boxes of the stuff. They would dry, grind, and mix the beans with water to create a drink. Cozy up, snuggle with a blanket and get ready for a sip of spicy mayan hot chocolate! Mayan Civilization Timeline Ordering Activity. Back to the Maya though. When the Spanish conquered the Mayan empire, the took back cocoa beans and the Mayan equipment that was used to make hot chocolate. The History of Chocolate Timeline Display Poster. The History Of Hot Chocolate ... Mayan hot chocolate was made with water, cacao beans, cornmeal, chili peppers, and a few other ingredients, but sugar wasn’t one of the ingredients the drink had. Belize Mayan Chocolate Cool Facts & History! Ancient Mayan Hot Chocolate. It's odd to imagine a world without the existence of chocolate. This simplified version of an ancient Maya hot chocolate recipe will help your class to appreciate the traditional origins of this popular drink. The History Of Hot Chocolate . The Ancient Maya eBook . Trace the history of hot chocolate, march with Mayans through to 2018. This way for perfect hot chocolate at home. UKS2 Maya Civilisation Creation Story Comprehension.