It seems like everyone has one now, and even Weber has recently joined the pellet grill game with their new SmokeFire pellet cooker. I can’t wait to put this unit (or better yet, the Masterbuilt Gravity Series 1050) to the test and film our own Masterbuilt Gravity Series review. You can control both temperature and cook time from Wifi and bluetooth, which means that you can control everything you need on the grill even when you’re down the street partying it up with the neighbors or at a soccer game hours before dinner. Tonight, I grilled salmon. Cook like a Pro with the ease of a pellet grill yet all the flavour of charcoal. One very minor inconvenience is that the lid to the hopper opens toward the grill, so if the grill lid is up, the hopper lid cannot fully open. It comes with a huge bundle of products, including free wood refills for the year, plus 1 year warranty! First cookout was spare ribs. The cooking area on the smoker measures 22 x 15 inches with an upper grate size of 7 x 15 inches. As I previously mentioned, this wasn’t a significant flaw, just something that made me stop and wonder why they designed the 560 the way they did. It’s this kind of connectivity that we crave in this new breed of grills. This charcoal grill smoker is built to handle both low and slow cooks and high heat searing. Read our disclaimer for more info. The outdoor flat top cooking surface is bringing diner and teppanyaki cooking to the backyard, and Le Griddle has been making waves in the market for many years now. The unit is designed for you to keep wood chunks in the ash can so that the broken up coals fall on the wood to keep it smoking while you’re cooking. What’s interesting though is how Masterbuilt is bringing the ease of use of a pellet grill while utilizing charcoal for fuel instead of wood pellets. What type and brand of charcoal do you recommend? , I just wondered if there is a better or worse brand of briquettes to use in our 560. No more scorching food with a gas grill. Gravity fed charcoal grills aren’t anything new in the market, but until now they have been reserved for those who want to spend a whole lot more money. The grill grates come out and can be washed in the kitchen or utility sink for easy cleanup. Perfection on a plate. The Masterbuilt gravity feed charcoal grill has a range of 225° on the low end and 700° on the high end. Just like the previous model, this newer unit boasts a side shelf that houses the temperature control panel. Is the ash can the place to put chunks so the coals fall on it or do you layer wood in between sections of charcoal as a lot of reviews seem to mention? Keep us posted as you get her dialed in! I like Kingsford because I know how it burns and every bag I can expect the same performance. That’s just a whole lot of food on one grill. I’m not the best cook when trying to host and not the best host when trying to cook, but this machine allows me to step away with confidence knowing that I can remotely monitor and control it if necessary. It’s selectable in 5° increments from the temperature control panel, and the onboard fan/controller combo do all the work of maintaining the temperature. Masterbuilt 1050 Review Masterbuilt 1050 Dimensions. Masterbuilt says that their 1050 model has a capacity of 7 racks of ribs at a time using the supplied cooking grates. It’s almost taking the challenge out of producing mouth watering barbecue, but is that a bad thing? Featured Price: Low to High Price: High to Low Alphabetically: A-Z Alphabetically: Z-A Oldest to Newest Newest to Oldest Best Selling , Thanks for that catch! The Masterbuilt Gravity 560 is a great blend of convenience and function at a price that’s hard to ignore. The Masterbuilt Gravity 560 is available for $497, and can be purchased here. The Masterbuilt Gravity 1050 Series Digital Charcoal Grill and Smoker is available to purchase in the UK now. The vertical charcoal hopper is designed to hold up to 8 hours of charcoal. You’re right on the money Jeff. I just purchased a 1050 and am waiting for it to arrive at the local location. Nice article – interested in this smoker and looking forward to the in depth review. When I’m grilling a burger on a kamado, I always grab for a bag of Rockwood charcoal because my wife loves the way it tastes. Just for future reference – it’s ‘pique’, not ‘peak’. Would I purchase this grill? Masterbuilt® Gravity Series Charcoal Grill + Smokers. Gravity fed grills have been in use in the competition circuit for many years, and manufacturers like Stumps, Assassin and T&K have been offering gravityfed smokers for many years. The Masterbuilt Gravity Series 1050 Digital Charcoal Grill + Smoker GravityFed™ charcoal hopper holds up to 8+ hours of charcoal and gravity ensures you have constant fuel to the fire. To set the temperature, just dial in the temp that you want on the digital temperature control and wait between 7-13 minutes. Masterbuilt Gravity Series 560 and 1050 Comparison - YouTube Masterbuilt made a design improvement in the 1050 in that the hopper lid now opens to the back rather than the side, and is no longer inhibited by the grill being open. But first let’s talk about what’s the same in both the 560 and the 1050. The Masterbuilt Gravity 1050 Series Digital Charcoal Grill and Smoker is a game changer in the UK barbecue market. They’re really the first to attempt to bring gravity feed technology to the backyard chef at an affordable price point. Came out a little tough, but fault for not tweaking the temperature. I cook sometimes with and sometimes without a water pan. Either option works to keep wood smoking during a cook. That way wood works its way to the bottom of the hopper as the charcoal around it burns, and you have wood available all throughout a 10-12 hour cook without having to load new chunks into the ash can every hour or two.