This includes offenses against the little children, as well as offenses that might take place by means of the hand, foot, or eye. Wherever the spirit of cruelty, revenge, jealousy, greed, anger, lust, dishonesty, or selfishness is cast out in the name of the Lord, good works will surely follow. 5 After a violent struggle, in which the spirit continues to cry out and convulse the boy, the battle is over. This is meant by the Lord’s words, ‘Let the little children come to Me and do not forbid them, for of such is the kingdom of heaven.’”14. 12At sinabi niya sa kanila, Katotohanang si Elias ay pariritong mauna, at isasauli sa dati ang lahat ng mga bagay: at paanong nasusulat ang tungkol sa Anak ng tao, na siya'y maghihirap ng maraming bagay at pawalang halaga? This is what it means to do our part. If the disciples are to follow Him into that kingdom, if their hearts are to become as tender and receptive as little children, they will need to practice rigorous self-discipline. Taglayin ninyo sa inyong sarili ang asin, at kayo'y magkaroon ng kapayapaan sa isa't isa. The Transfiguration. It is as though the clouds of obscurity have parted, and the light of truth, in all its glory, is shining down upon us. }, 299 - The Nexus, Part 4 of 5: Behind That Line, The Gospel According to Mark - Translated from the Original Greek, and Illustrated By Extracts from the Theological Writings Of Emanuel Swedenborg, The Parables of the New Testament Explained, Study the original Hebrew/Greek with qBible. He begins by taking them back to an ancient practice in Israel, the salting of meat before a sacrifice. “Do not forbid him,” says Jesus, “for there is no one who shall do a mighty work in My name who will be able, soon afterward, to speak evil of Me” (Mark 9:39).At first, this seems to be a tangent, perhaps only remotely related to Jesus’ teaching about reception. And Jesus concludes this episode by promising that God will sustain us at every step of the way, “with His holy angels” — the truths of His Word.The confession of Jesus’ divinity is a high point in the education of the disciples, but it is not the end of Jesus’ teaching. 34Datapuwa't hindi sila nagsiimik: sapagka't sila-sila ay nangagtalo sa daan, kung sino ang pinakadakila. As it is written, “And the boy stood up” (Mark 9:27). Like a child who is not only eager to learn, but also to do, the imagery of salt corresponds to that child-like quality in each of us that wants to be active, not just learning truth, but doing the good that is connected to that truth. In desperation, the father of the boy turns to Jesus, and says, “I asked Your disciples to cast out the spirit, but they did not have the strength” (Mark 9:18).Jesus rebukes the disciples, not for their loss of power, but for their loss of faith: “O faithless generation,” He says. And straightway all the crowd, seeing Him, were astounded; and running to [Him], they greeted Him.16. 16At tinanong niya sila, Ano ang ipinakikipagtalo ninyo sa kanila? True testimony, that is, testimony from those who have experienced the resurrection power of truth in their own life, is the kind of testimony that the Lord desires. If we only fasted, we would eventually starve to death. Apocalypse Explained 820:5: “The term ‘tabernacles’ signifies the worship of the Lord from the good of love and truths therefrom.”4. But if the underlying motivation is related to the satisfaction of an ego need, whether it be the desire to be honored and esteemed, the desire to live in luxury, or the desire to selfishly control others, it is must be identified, acknowledged, and cast out. In this passage, Jesus is specifically referring to the attempt to destroy someone’s innocent faith in God. 9 He demonstrated by picking up a child and saying to the disciples, “Whoever shall receive one of these little children in My name receives Me” (Mark 9:37).One of the disciples, John, notices Jesus’ use of the phrase “in My name,” and raises a question about what this might mean. To be “great” in that kingdom, the disciples will need to be as humble as little children. Before we have experienced the miracle of “rising from the dead” in our own life, we cannot and should not be telling others about it. Throughout history, various groups would rise up who would claim to be the only true followers of Jesus, denouncing all others and forbidding them to promote their religion in the name of Jesus Christ. This, however, is no easy task, but is the most vital task of our lives. 22At madalas na siya'y inihahagis sa apoy at sa tubig, upang siya'y patayin: datapuwa't kung mayroon kang magagawang anomang bagay, ay maawa ka sa amin, at tulungan mo kami. But it is only a beginning. Footnotes: 24 Pagdaka'y sumigaw ang ama ng bata, at sinabi, Nananampalataya ako; tulungan mo ang kakulangan ko ng pananampalataya. For some, it could be the desire to outdo all rivals, the yearning to be the champion, and perhaps even the wish to earn an Olympic gold medal. These false beliefs gnaw away at a person like worms that can never be satisfied. And He came to Capernaum; and being in the house, He asked them, “What was it that you reasoned about to yourselves by the way?”34. -- This Bible is now Public Domain. 19 Seeing that the father is now in a state of belief, even asking Jesus to help his unbelief, Jesus agrees to cast out the demon. As it written, “As soon as the spirit saw Jesus, it sent the boy into convulsions, threw the boy on the ground, and caused him to foam at the mouth” (Mark 9:20). Jesus then stretches this definition of reception even further, saying, “Whoever is not against us is for us” (Mark 9:40). 15At pagdaka'y ang buong karamihan, pagkakita nila sa kaniya, ay nangagtakang mainam, at tinakbo siya na siya'y binati. For others, it might take the form of the ambition to be the leader of an organization, the head of a company, the president of a club, or perhaps even, the prime minister of one’s country.This can be a good and useful trait if is motivated by a sincere desire to serve others. 14At pagdating nila sa mga alagad, ay nakita nilang nasa kanilang palibotlibot ang lubhang maraming mga tao, at ang mga eskriba ay nangakikipagtalo sa kanila. For neither the eye nor the hand can cause to stumble … but the thought of the understanding and the affection of the will, to which they correspond, can cause a person to stumble.”24. 11At tinanong nila siya, na sinasabi, Bakit sinasabi ng mga eskriba na kinakailangang pumarito muna si Elias? 4 Arcana Coelestia 2385: “Love to the Lord and charity toward the neighbor … are the essentials of all doctrine and worship…. 26At nang makapagsisisigaw, at nang siya'y mapangatal na mainam, ay lumabas siya: at ang bata'y naging anyong patay; ano pa't marami ang nagsabi, Siya'y patay. 8At karakaraka'y sa biglang paglingap nila sa palibotlibot, ay wala silang nakitang sinoman, kundi si Jesus lamang na kasama nila. Other offensesOffending the “little ones” is just one of a series of offenses that Jesus addresses in this session with the disciples. To ensure that this is not a mere abstraction, the stories about Jesus are necessary, for they portray God in visible form, healing the sick, giving sight to the blind, and feeding the hungry. 10 This is the first step. Arcana Coelestia 1776: “Little boys and girls are in a state of mutual love and innocence. 1 At sinabi niya sa kanila, Katotohanang sinasabi ko sa inyo, May ilan sa nangakatayong ito, na hindi matitikman sa anomang paraan ang kamatayan, hanggang sa makita nila ang kaharian ng Dios na dumarating na may kapangyarihan.. “Prayer,” then. In this regard, it corresponds to the eager desire to put the truth that we are learning into effect. Retail: $44.99. Like Peter, the other two disciples who are with Peter, are also awestruck, and all of them are “greatly afraid” (Mark 9:6). They must be willing to sever themselves from every evil feeling and pluck out every false thought as soon as the feeling or thought arises. The “millstone,” in this case represents teachings that mislead people and take away their simple faith, especially teachings that twist and pervert the literal sense of the Word.