78-9500 60mm RefRactor Step 2 Step 1 1. They used it at sea to check the flags of distant boats approaching and to decide if they were friends or enemies. How to Build a Refracting Telescope: As of late, I've become very interested in space, stars, galaxies, and the universe. The telescope was discovered by the Dutch, a nation of sailors and sea explorers. For five times the Clarks made the objectives for the largest refracting telescopes in the world. If the surfaces of the lenses have the proper shape, the light will come to a focus. I'm actually pr… Spread tripod legs and attach accessory tray. • Refractor Telescope Assembly • Equatorial Mount • Red Dot Wide Field Finderscope • 20mm, 12mm, 4mm Eyepieces • Erect Image Eyepiece (For Land Use) • Barlow Lens PARTS LIST QUICK ASSEMBLY DIAGRAM 5. Making a refractory telescope Illustration from Emblemata of Zinne-werck, Johan de Brune, 1624. ... Making a refractor telescope PDF (2.31Mb) ing telescope (usually called a refractor) does this with a carefully made lens system. Bassett Clark and Alvan Graham Clark were the main makers of large refracting telescopes in the late nineteenth century. It was the great Italian scientist Galileo Galilei who Naturally, then, I decided to build a refracting telescope for the creative project in a class I'm taking called "Changing Views of the Universe". refractor telescope is a tube that contains 2 lenses: one at the front end with little magnification, which is called the ‘objective lens’, and another at the bottom end that is closest to your eye, called the ‘eyepiece’.