This recipe is a great way to turn leftover turkey into easy and delicious burritos filled with rice for a meal that the entire family will love! Serve as a dessert, snack or even breakfast. Loaded with roasted vegetables like broccoli, asparagus and Brussel sprouts, this veggie kale and cilantro rice is a tasty way to eat your greens. A twist on a Texas favorite, made with succulent shrimp, spicy jalapeños and rice, my Shrimp Pico Rice Skillet is a homage to South Texas. Creamy and comforting, this cheesy rice is spiked with chipotle for a spicy finish. A satisfying mixture of shredded hearts of palm and chickpeas is tossed in a simple chipotle-tomato tinga sauce for a hearty vegan rice bowl that is sure to please vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike. Use your favorite salsa and top with fresh chopped cilantro for best results. These tasty rice bowls are made using crispy marinated tofu, sliced zucchini and carrots, and creamy avocado all served over a bowl of fried rice. A rice cooker coconut rice that’s super quick and perfect as a side dish to jerk chicken. Organic white rice, corn, shredded cheese, and sun-dried tomatoes – these rice bowls are on another level. We’ll help make yours, step by step using our authentic grains Long Grain and Jasmine Blend for best results! Sweet poblano peppers stuffed with white rice, sour cream, smoked Gouda or Cheddar cheese, whole kernel corn, and cilantro leaves, baked to perfection. Try this butternut squash stuffed with pork, Thai Jasmine Rice and apple for a festive side dish at any holiday table. Enjoy this simple, fun, and delicious Rice & Turkey Stuffed Peppers recipe to convert any moment into a festive occasion! This rice enhances the overall taste of any recipe, allowing for a heightened experience at every occasion. These yummy stuffed omelets with Mexican rice and chorizo are topped with queso sauce for a decadent holiday breakfast that everyone will love. Dirty Rice pairs best with White Rice or Jasmine Rice. Try with Mahatma® Jasmine Rice. Slowly stir in chicken broth and raise heat to medium-high. Give your favorite Barbecue Pork dish a new look and make it into a dip! Parboiled Medium Grain Rice. Try this energizing breakfast Jasmine rice and quinoa bowl with tropical fruits, perfect for your meal prep plans and will keep you full longer. 1.800.226.9522 Taste the warm and buttery goodness of this oven-baked chicken and rice casserole-style dish. © 2019 Riviana Foods Inc. Use this Jollof Rice recipe to bring the taste of Africa to your kitchen with its spicy Habanero pepper flavors and vibrant red color. Yellow Seasoned Rice Mahatma® Yellow Seasoned Rice is blended with spices, onions and garlic. This tasty Crockpot Chicken and Rice by Jar of Lemons is perfect for a simple weeknight dinner made with tender chicken, jasmine, red and wild rice. Jasmine with Red & Wild Rice. This veggie fried rice gets a flavor boost with white miso paste, the mildest miso, which adds a wonderful savory accent to the jasmine rice. This delicious rice dish served with chicken, spinach and mint leaves is a refreshing take on your next dinner or lunch. For the 16 oz. These Jasmine Rice & Quinoa Breakfast Bowls are great for meal prep to take with you to work or to sit and enjoy at home. This Pumpkin Spice Latte Rice Pudding is just what you’ve been craving. Sweet, salty, and everything in between – our Shrimp Fried Rice recipe is a bold mix of savory Asian flavors and an absolute staple for the pineapple fans. A little bit Spanish and a little bit Italian, this Chorizo and Manchego Risotto is the perfect dreamy combination of risotto and paella. Wrapped with nori seaweed, they are as crunchy as addictive! Forget take out! Try this Sticky Rice today! This Rice Soup is comfort food for the cold weather packed with chicken, Mexican-style stewed tomatoes, green onion, corn, and lime juice. Combine hearty Mahatma® Brown or White Rice with a tasty guacamole salsa for a great appetizer, an upgraded dinner side dish or burrito filling. Enjoy a tasty side dish with a Latin twist this Thanksgiving. This salad rice bowl uses a blend of spiralized vegetables, jasmine rice, roasted cashews tossed in a rice wine vinegar, sesame oil and ginger dressing. Use our Whole Grain Brown Rice to add a fun twist to this Asian-inspired chicken salad with an original spicy peanut sauce. Go on an adventure in your own kitchen! Made with our Basmati rice, cinnamon, sugar, and milk, it’s the kind of stress-free dessert we love. Find out how easy it is to make Rice Pilaf by using our recipe with aromatic toasted basmati rice cooked in stewed tomatoes and spices. These black bean and whole grain brown rice cakes served with a creamy avocado, cilantro, corn and lime salsa are the perfect appetizer. Try with Mahatma® White Rice. Try our Layered Caprese Rice Salad: Tomato, Fresh Basil, Mozzarella and a touch of Balsamic mixed with Rice. Long Grain & Jasmine Rice Blend. Try this delicious fall favorite apple cinnamon rice and quinoa cooked to perfection in milk or water. Learn how to make these spicy salmon & avocado towers with jasmine rice using our simple recipe. These cheesy baked Enchiladas made with Brown Rice are everything you need for a veggie protein-packed meal your whole family will love. For the 10 oz. This Mediterranean rice bowl combines the delicious flavors of fried rice, vegetables, avocado, falafel and is drizzled with tahini at the end. This stir fried rice with turkey and peppers makes for a special Thanksgiving dinner. This mouthwatering Chicken and Sausage Jambalaya recipe is made with smoky cajun seasonings, green chilies, diced tomatoes, and our Mahatma® White Rice. This Cuban-inspired chicken and rice bowl made with fragrant Mahatma® Jasmine Rice and a Mojo marinade delivers delicious flavors in every bite. A refreshing summer recipe! These holiday-worthy custards are creamy, rich and sinfully delicious. package, use a 3 quart microwave safe dish with 3 cups of hot water and prepare as noted. Made with puréed tomatoes, spinach, and jasmine rice. Sauté the shrimp with garlic, onion and ginger while the jasmine rice simmers in coconut water. This Spicy Chicken and Rice Salad Recipe using Mahatma® Jasmine Rice is a great side dish or main dish for your next dinner or lunch. Top with savory goat cheese and add in extra super greens like spinach or any other of your choice. Take a walk on the wild side and make your next rice pudding a milkshake – this Coconut Rice Pudding Milkshake is just as good as it looks! Check out this easy coconut rice recipe. Topped with a layer of broiled cheese, this spicy one-pot chili with white rice and peppers is a crowd-pleasing dish that everyone will love. Tender diced chicken, combined with a medley of long grain and wild rice and corn; simmered in a creamy chicken broth and seasoned with dry onion, garlic powder, and red pepper. Enjoy Fall flavors this Thanksgiving by whipping up this pumpkin rice dessert. Made with green pigeon peas, this tasty Puerto Rican rice dish gets its stunning yellow hue from achiote powder. Try it today – we guarantee you’ll love it! For the 5 oz. Combine together with lime juice and spinach for a delicious and exotic dish to share! For the holiday season, try this spice-roasted turkey with rich brown rice stuffing. This take on a Brazilian Shrimp Stuffed Pumpkin (Camaráo na Moranga) is rich and creamy. Topped with shredded Cheddar cheese, this Enchilada Soup with Chicken and Brown Rice has everything we love about the classic enchiladas in a single bowl of comfort food. Adding the broth gradually and stirring often ensures that this hearty sausage and veggie risotto is rich and creamy taste without adding any butter or cream. Make them for your family gathering or for a tasty snack. This easy pico de gallo rice pilaf features a rich tomato flavor that the whole family will enjoy. Chop up those carrots, roast that chicken and sauté that onion. These sweet little Raisin & Rice Mini Pies the perfect dessert for any occasion! It’s hard to go wrong with a mouth-watering meal of savory Key West Pork Chops browned and oven-baked in seasoned rice with a kick.