Zone 4 Magnolias: Tips On Growing Magnolia Trees In Zone 4, Hardy Magnolia Varieties – Learn About Zone 6 Magnolia Trees, Different Varieties Of Magnolia: Which Magnolias Are Deciduous, Prickly Kale Leaves – Does Kale Have Thorns, Corn Husk Wreath Ideas: How To Make A Corn Husk Wreath, DIY Air Plant Wreaths: Wreath Making With Air Plants, Growing Trees In Zone 5: Planting Trees In Zone 5 Gardens, Norway Maple Control: How To Manage A Norway Maple Tree, What Is Winter Rye Grass: Growing Winter Rye As A Cover Crop, Vervain Herbal Information: Learn How To Grow Vervain Herb Plants, Thanksgiving Tradition: Turning Homegrown Pumpkins Into Pie, Growing Thanksgiving Dinner – Must Have Turkey Side Dishes, Interesting Uses For Pecans: What To Do With Pecans, The Bountiful Garden: Bringing The Garden To Thanksgiving. While some magnolia species, like southern magnolia (Magnolia grandiflora), won’t tolerate zone 5 winters, you’ll find attractive specimens that will. Its hardy to -13 degrees Fahrenheit. Family: Magnoliaceae Genus: Magnolia - Named for Pierre Magnolia (1638-1715) Professor of Botany and Director of Montpellier Botanic Gardens in France Common: Magnolia Origin: East Asia, Himalayas, North and Central America Characteristics: About 125 species of deciduous or evergreen trees or shrubs. All Rights Reserved. They have been called the emblematic flower of the old South. When Do Magnolia Trees … This big-name magnolia is very popular in northern nurseries and gardens. An early bloomer, star magnolia takes its place among the most beautiful of magnolias in zone 5. The flowers are followed by cucumber-like fruit. You can find magnolia trees suited for virtually every growing location and many different hardiness zones. At Wilson Bros Gardens, we're at your service! Since 1989, we have offered and shipped only the highest quality, retail nursery-grade plants on the market to hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers. On every plant page in the store you'll find detailed planting and care instructions and other plant details and attributes provided by our staff of horticultural experts. Find My Store. for pricing and availability. Rest assured, when you buy Magnolias online from Wilson Bros Gardens we safely ship the highest quality container-grown specimens that are ready upon arrival to plant and thrive for years to come in your gardens - Guaranteed! If you like the star species but prefer to plant taller magnolia trees in zone 5, consider the hybrid magnolia called ‘Merrill.’ It results from crosses between Magnolia kobus trees and the shrubby variety stellata. Click button below to get on the Waiting List! Sign up for our newsletter. White Sweet Bay Magnolia Flowering Tree in Pot (L1239) Compare; Find My Store. USDA Zone 5 Magnolia Trees that will grow in Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Wyoming, Shop These Other Plant Types That Will Grow In Zone 5, Iwai Nishiki Red Flowering Quince - 3 Gallon Pot, Pink Chintz Thyme - Thymus serpyllum - 10 Count Flat of Pint Pots, Creeping Raspberry (Rubus calycinoides) - 1 Gallon Pot, Russian 26 Cold Hardy Pomegranate - 3 Gallon Pot, Snow N Summer Asiatic Jasmine - 1 Gallon Pot, Confederate Rose Hibiscus - Rose Mallow - 3 Gallon Pot, Chinese Snowball Viburnum Bush - 3 Gallon Pot, Fragrant Orange Tea Olive - Osmanthus fragrans aurantiacus - 1 Gallon Pot, Pineapple Guava - Feijoa sellowiana - 3 Gallon Pot, Florida Anise - Illicium floridanum - 3 Gallon Pot, Autumn Fern - Dryopteris erythrosora - 1 Gallon, Asian Jasmine - Asiatic Jasmine - 18 Count Flat of Pint Pots, Black Tie Camellia Japonica - 3 Gallon Pot, October Magic Ruby Camellia - 3 Gallon Pot, Shoal Creek Chaste Tree (Vitex) - 3 Gallon Pot, Zuiko Nishiki Winter Daphne odora - 1 Gallon Pot, Fudingzhu Fragrant White Tea Olive (Osmanthus fragrans) - 1 Gallon Pot, Apricot Echo Tea Olive - Osmanthus fragrans aurantiacus - 1 Gallon Pot, October Affair Camellia Japonica - 3 Gallon Pot, Leonard Messel Star Magnolia - 3 Gallon Pot, Brackens Brown Beauty Magnolia - 3 Gallon Pot, Green Shadow Sweetbay Magnolia Tree - Magnolia virginiana - 3 Gallon Pot, Moonglow Sweetbay Magnolia Tree - Magnolia virginiana 'Jim Wilson' - 3 Gallon Pot, Northern Belle Sweetbay Magnolia Tree - Magnolia virginiana - 3 Gallon Pot. Unfolding in March and April, before leaves appear, starry-flowered Magnolia lights up dappled shade. The deciduous magnolia trees give us the most choices for plants that will grow across different zones, but in warmer areas it would be a great mistake to neglect growing the evergreen species. Compare; Multiple Sizes. Unique rich … The Alta Southern Magnolia grows into a narrow, upright tree, a little more than twice as tall as it is wide. Select a variety below to get details, prices and see more photos. Hardy in zones 5 to 9, this yellow flowered magnolia grows well in cool and hot climates. It is our goal to blow you away with a great selection of the most exciting new and old-favorite plants and trees that have demonstrated outstanding qualities and exceptional performance in landscapes and gardens. 3.58-Gallon White Star Magnolia Flowering Tree in Pot (L1149) Item #549991. A hedge is made of closely planted shrubs or other plants which, as they grow and are trimmed and shaped or left to grow natural, form a straight or curved solid wall or fence of foliage from 1 to 10 feet in height.