Growth Speed. Shape. Considered a small magnolia tree, it is deciduous and compact, growing only to about 15 feet tall (many consider it to be a shrub). Yulan magnolia is hardy to USDA zone … Medium. The Saucer Magnolia Grows in zones 4 - 9. Ann may be used as a shrub or grown into a tree … Magnolia x soulangeana. The Yulan magnolia (Magnolia denudata) is a fast-growing 30- to 50-foot tree. There is a wide range of different Magnolia Trees available, and you can find ones that are hardy all the way from zone 4 to zone 9. All types of this stunner … Growing Magnolia Trees. Depending upon regional climate, Ann may bloom from mid to late spring, producing a stunning array of purplish-red, chalice-shaped flowers. Star magnolia (Magnolia stellata), hardy in USDA zones 4 through 8 or 9, is a mini-magnolia tree that usually only reaches 15 to 20 feet tall. Your Tree’s Personality. It has nearly equal spread. Because the roots are packed in soil, the trees … Japanese magnolias are best suited for Zones 4-9. Potted trees are available in 4″ or 1-gallon containers. The deciduous ones are the hardiest, but they will also grow well in warmer areas that are not too dry, all the way through zone … Classified as a deciduous shrub rather than a tree, Magnolia "Ann" is hardy in zones 4 to 8 and only grows 10 feet tall. 20' - 30' Shipping Height. It develops creamy 4- to 8-inch creamy white tulip-like flowers in spring just before leaf-break. Mature Height. Rounded. Scientific Name.