Fire suppression and changes in land use have now reduced longleaf acreage to less than 5 precent of its original extent. In longleaf pine systems and beyond, The Nature Conservancy has been using fire as a restoration tool for decades and has expertly trained and certified burn crews throughout the country, restoring thousands of acres of fire-dependent forests each year. Longleaf Pine restoration Historically, longleaf pine ecosystems were the dominant forest type across the Southeast United States. Accelerating Longleaf Pine Restoration CFLR Project, which is committed to improving longleaf forest health across 567,800 acres in Osceola National Forest by 2020. SRS; Current: Restoring and Managing Longleaf Pine Ecosystems Our mission: To provide knowledge, strategies, and tools for restoring, managing, and sustaining longleaf pine ecosystems in the United States, and to foster insight about ecosystem restoration globally. The Longleaf Stewardship Fund builds on the success of the Longleaf Legacy Program, a partnership between Southern Company and NFWF since 2004, which has invested more than $8.7 million into projects that will restore more than 87,000 acres of longleaf pine … This restoration effort will bring longleaf pine back to sites where it had been eliminated or reduced in scale and scope, and on sites to which it is ecologically adapted, in an effort to increase resilient landscapes that are adaptable to future climate changes. We’ve also worked to restore longleaf pine through our Global ReLeaf program.