The driver for the CRAFT, and other recent Logi-branded peripherals, is aptly named Logitech Options, and the latest version, 6.70.1197 at the time of this review, can be downloaded from this page.The installer is 143 MB in size, and the installed driver takes up slightly over 200 MB. It is one input device packed with tools of creativity and software-compatible utilities. For its numerous uses, the Craft from Logitech has a … Logitech's new Craft Keyboard is a superb piece of engineering and design. It is hefty (just over two lbs. It targets content creators who want a single device to be a full-size keyboard that also saves them precious time in … Logitech Craft Review. or 960g), rock solid, and built for durability. It also features a sleek, thin, and rounded look that allows it to blend beautifully with your desktop setup while simultaneously reducing the clutter. Read on to find out more about this exciting product. Logitech Craft Review The Logitech Craft is trying to be the answer to these questions and more. This product from Logitech wears the Crown, that’s what they call the creative dial, and proves its name in performance, ease of use, and durability. The Logitech CRAFT is more than a simple keyboard, adding a creative input dial to allow configurable control in applications, ranging from Adobe CC to web browsers and MS Office. Logitech’s Craft is a wireless keyboard that sports a nice, simple, and understated design.