Little Owl, I want to love you. By Sophie Lewis November 19, 2020 / 12:21 PM / CBS News The little owl was cared for by experts at the Ravensbeard Wildlife Center When workers unwrapped the 75-foot tree and began moving it to its vertical position, they found the little bird. Adorable Owl Catches a Ride to NYC on Rockefeller Christmas Tree . Joey Campanaro's Big Love Cooking (Chronicle) celebrates both the comforting foods from his childhood growing up in South Philly and the bold, bright flavors of his beloved Greenwich Village restaurant Little Owl. The Christmas tree owl will stay at the Wildlife Center for a few more days while they monitor his health and get him back up to a proper weight. Coming September 2020! Tip: Don’t go to the bathroom if you have claustrophobia as it may be NYC’s smallest bathroom! The Little Owl. Purchase Little Owl gift cards & egift cards. Share. Culture Owls. 90 Bedford St., New York, 10014, United States; 25 - 50 USD • American MICHELIN Guide’s Point Of View Straddling a picturesque corner of the West Village, with a name that could charm the pants off the grizzliest city diner, The Little Owl has a lot going for it. I really do. The problem is that none of my friends like you. Every time I bring my friends around, you make them mad. Workers who … The adorable owl — nicknamed Rockefeller — was lucky to survive after having its home cut down and then getting wrapped up in plastic for a bumpy 200-mile truck journey to Manhattan. Little Owl 90 Bedford Street (Greenwich Village) Be Sociable, Share! We've had a few nice evenings together and honestly, I think if things were different, it could work out between us. Big Love Cooking: 75 Recipes For Satisfying, Shareable Comfort Food. By Jon Jackson On 11/18/20 at 4:09 PM EST . Tiny owl rescued from Rockefeller Center Christmas tree after 3 days without food or water.