USA Games List Magnavox released most of the games in the United States with a few titles released by Philips and Imagic. called K.C. List of games. Baseball 3 Magnavox Magnavox 1972 Sports U.S. Basketball 8 Magnavox Magnavox 1972 Sports U.S. List of games for the Magnavox Odyssey Title Cartridge No. Le Magnavox Odyssey², connu en Europe sous le nom de Philips Videopac G7000, au Brésil comme Philips Odyssey, aux États-Unis et au Canada comme le Magnavox Odyssey² et le Philips Odyssey², ainsi que par … Most Odyssey 2 games were clones from other popular games. The Magnavox Odyssey², known in Europe as the Philips Videopac G7000, in Brazil as the Philips Odyssey, in the United States as the Magnavox Odyssey² and the Philips Odyssey², and also by many other names, is a video game console released in 1978. Top 10 Best Magnavox Odyssey² Games of All-Time! Brain Wave 3 Magnavox Magnavox 1972 Misc. A total of 28 games distributed on 11 different game cards were released for the Magnavox Odyssey. Some games are exclusive to North America and will be identified as EXCLUSIVE. Dogfight 9 Magnavox Magnavox 1972 … U.S. Cat and Mouse 4 Magnavox Magnavox 1972 Misc. Crazy Chase!, the premise of the game has Munchkin chasing after and eating a centipede type character which clearly was a message sent to Atari. The Magnavox Odyssey is the world's first home video game console.It was first demonstrated on May 24, 1972 and released in August of that year, predating the Atari Pong home consoles by three years.. U.S. / E.U. For example Munchkin! As the world’s first video game console, the Magnavox Odyssey launched an entire industry in 1972. Night Mode. U.S. / E.U. Its games were primitive, but one of them served as the direct inspiration for Atari’s Pong. The Videopac column represent the Philips Videopac numbering. In the sequel to Munchkin! Some game has no Philips Videopac equivalent but are available in other regions of the world. La Magnavox Odyssey, ou simplement Odyssey, est une console de jeux vidéo de la première génération commercialisée par Magnavox en septembre 1972 aux États-Unis, puis en 1973 dans le reste du monde.Elle se présente sous la forme d'une boîte blanche avec un système de carte de jeu, contenant des circuits numériques équipés de composants discrets, et qui se connecte à une télévision. was released by Magnavox in 1981 as a clone for Pacman.. Atari sued Magnavox for copyrights, which frustrated Magnavox. Developer Publisher Year Genre Region(s) Analogic 3 Magnavox Magnavox 1972 Misc. Liste des Roms de l'émulateur Magnavox Odyssey 2.