In the case of the Limiter also set ATT to 0. The threshold setting is relative to the ceiling. Threshold is the most important component of a compressor. When the Threshold level is set below the ceiling, a soft knee and a 1:20 ratio between the threshold and ceiling values is used. Ein Limiter oder Begrenzer ist ein dynamikbearbeitendes Effektgerät in einem Rig oder ein Plug-in, das den Ausgangspegel (Amplitude der Spannung des Audiosignals) auf einen bestimmten Wert herunterregelt.Dieser wird durch den „Limiter Threshold“ (Schwellenwert) festgelegt. Input Gain - The input gain won't be used unless you're limiting during the mastering process. This feature (along with Attack and Hold time settings) will take a +24db signal that will be limited, starting at +17db, then at +19db the 260 slams the door and lets nothing more pass. Threshold - As mentioned above, you'll typically set the limiter's threshold to 0 dBFS (the maximum value for amplitude). A compressor gradually reduces the signal level above a certain threshold, but a limiter completely prevents a signal from going over a specified setting – a limit that nothing can go over.. However, once you understand the work of Threshold, it will be very easy to set. This is the case so often that mine don't even offer the ability to reduce the threshold lower than that. The threshold sets the level where the limiter will begin work. Threshold is used to set the amount of compressing effect on the track. Ceiling: This knob adjusts the maximum output level of the limiter. setting up threshold is tricky. In applications where we want to avoid speaker damage, the longer the attack time, the higher the risk of damaging the equipment. It is directly proportional to the input signal. Thresh: This knob allows the limiter to be used as a leveling amp. Limiter settings. Bring this down until the limiter begins stopping the signal where you want it. It’s the time the limiter takes to get full input signal reduction after exceeding the threshold level. The audio limiter is a very similar tool to the audio compressor in that it reduces the dynamic range of a signal that passes through it. When the input signal exceeds a predetermined threshold the rate of increase is slowed (or even stopped) beyond that point. Regardless of the Over Easy setting, if the Limiter threshold is set to +17 db and the amp will clip at +20, the 260 can have an "Overshoot" set as 2db (or more). Compressor Controls. Limiters feature similar controls to many compressors. The attack and release settings control the timing of the gain reduction—how fast or … Compression is a form of automated gain control that reduces the dynamic range of sounds.