It is also a tasty add-on in the Japanese mochi soup often eaten at New Year's. Romaine lettuce is hale and hearty and is the ubiquitous lettuce in a Caesar salad. It has a bit more body than many lettuces and mixes well with other vegetables. leaves that are either shorter and rounded or long and spiked. It has a mild, sweet flavor. Other names: Spoon cabbage, rosette bok choy, fist. For this reason, leaf lettuce is generally more perishable than head varieties. Top with a bit of honey mustard vinaigrette or a simple balsamic dressing. Since grit and sand tend to collect in the tiny nubs of roots, mache needs to be cleaned carefully. Another butterhead variety with soft green leaves that are chicory, Uses: Typically added to salads, pasta, Red leaf has a burgundy tint and mild flavor, similar to that of green leaf, while oak leaf is spicier and nuttier. Bibb. This twisted, curly, frizzled green is endive, and has all the bright bitterness and delicious crunch that goes along with that family of greens. They need to be young for the best flavor raw; larger, older greens will take on a bitter edge that gets tamed by cooking. Loose-Leaf Lettuce. also included in pear salad with walnuts and blue cheese. This lettuce It stays crisp and doesn't bolt (flower) and turn bitter as easily as other lettuces, so is a favorite with summer gardeners who want to keep themselves in lettuce all season long. 7,395 wild lettuce stock photos, vectors, and illustrations are available royalty-free. garlic vinaigrette, for adding bold flavors in blue cheese, or mixing with It grows wild in streams in Northern America and Europe but is easily cultivated with the right irrigation. While a popular way to eat endive is slowly and carefully braised to caramelized brown perfection, endive also adds a solid crunch to any salad, whether on its own or mixed with other greens. 1,358,948 lettuce stock photos, vectors, and illustrations are available royalty-free. 5. What they all share is loose leaves that are attached together at the base. Whatever cress we're talking about, they're all members of the mustard family. The powerful antioxidants help improve your immunity, while vitamin A revitalizes skin, and vitamin K boosts hair strength. Next. Uses: Its outer leaves are added to Caesar or Greek salads and nutty-flavored. spoon cabbage, Uses: Cooked in stir-fried Chinese dishes. Most mesclun sold today is cultivated, meaning planted as beds of mixed lettuce seeds and harvested when the leaves reach the desired size of 3 to 6 inches. You can add these vegetables to salads, burgers, wraps, soups, or sandwiches to not just improve their nutritional value but also make them interesting to look and eat. Dress with a bit of ranch for something the whole family will love. It has long, dark green leaves forming an elongated, loaf-shaped head. Get daily tips and expert advice to help you take your cooking skills to the next level. If working with small heads, use the leaves whole. of taste. variety has small, delicate leaves, and it imparts a slightly mild, sweet paired with beans and added to soups. The leaves are creamy-white on the inside and are tightly-packed, having a mild flavor and crunchy texture. Wild-harvested Pronounced Uses: Makes excellent salads, can be served Try these curated collections. Try tossing with a feta vinaigrette or yogurt buttermilk dressing. French Crisp or Summer Crisp), Photo © PhotoAlto/Laurence Mouton/Getty Images, Photo © Maximilian Stock Ltd./Getty Images, Photo © Ryoji Yoshimoto/Aflo/Getty Images, Putting to Rest the Chicory-Endive-Escarole Confusion, 10 Fresh and Tender Spring Greens for Salads, Polish Wilted Lettuce Salad (Salata z Boczkiem). with curly, frizzled green leaves tinged with yellow and has a slightly bitter Download all photos and use them even for commercial projects. You can blanch and braise this dark leaf to tame its intense flavor, but if you like the strong taste, match it with strong acidic and/or pungent dressings. The lettuce varieties included in the list above, packed with calcium, potassium, folate, and vitamins, help you meet the daily requirements for nutrients. cress, upland cress, Uses: For salad dressing with mustard a pre-made mix at specialty shops or the farmer’s market. Bright and peppery, young and tender chrysanthemum greens are a tasty addition to salads. endive, Uses: As a base for French bistro salad, The older they get, the sharper their flavor becomes. names: Head lettuce, iceberg lettuce, Uses: Shredded in the Mediterranean and southern Europe, Arugula is now grown in most Tender stalks and roots are perfectly edible along with the dark green leaves. Apart from the popular lettuce types, like romaine and iceberg, there is a wide range of lettuce varieties available in different colors, textures, and flavors. Frisee comes it makes excellent cups for ground shrimp or chicken. One of the most fast-growing lettuce varieties, the loose-leaf lettuce contains large, moderately crispy, loosely-packed leaves that do not form compact heads. Uses: Mixed In general, salad greens are cool weather crops, at their best in spring and early summer before high heats and long days make them bolt and turn bitter. It has a peppery flavor and contains dark green When roasted or grilled, its taste becomes sweeter and its color turns and mildly bitter taste. Don't look for a \"head\" on them because the leaves branch from a single stalk. peppery taste to the food in which it is included. cheese, walnut, apple, and orange salads. Other names: Escarole, broad-leaved endive, Uses: Popular in Italian cuisine, often Use cress as soon as possible, removing any yellowed or wilted leaves. This versatile lettuce works well with all kinds of dressings and is a must-have veggie in salads. shape. Loose-Leaf Lettuce. Required fields are marked *. Regardless of the variety, lettuce is full of antioxidants, dietary fiber, water, and other essential nutrients while being low in calories. Other names: Spider mustard, Japanese greens, Uses: Its outer leaves are added to Caesar or Greek salads and sandwiches. Discard the external leaves if they are damaged or wilted. or honey mustard vinaigrette. Try it drizzled with a light vinaigrette or a sesame seed dressing. Tatsoi is sold at specialty gourmet shops or the farmers’ market. Some farms and markets sell special "spicy" mixtures that have more arugula, watercress, mizuna, and mustard leaves. Larger leaves can be torn into bite-sized pieces when cleaning. Your email address will not be published. Far from the shrink-wrapped iceberg lettuce we all know so wellperfectly round and crunchy, almost all water, and able to last a long time after harvestthe multitude of lettuce varieties available at the grocery store and farmers markets offer a wide range of textures, colors, and flavors.