Yes No. Known for its classic warm, punchy sound and tube electronics, this deck was a mainstay of the late 1960s and beyond. ... 1 Review written. Price: $249. Just tried Waves Kramer Master Tape. Kramer Master Tape Reviews Sort By Date Sort By Rating Write Your Review. Granted the Kramer Tape is designed with mastering or bus compression and saturation in mind, whereas the J37 is designed more for creative effects, but you can still achieve a lot more with the J37. Reviewed By MadAnthony81 [read all by] on 7th April 2014. The Kramer Master Tape plug-in is modeled on a rare Ampex 350 quarter-inch transport with 351 electronics; it was developed with Kramer’s input (as well as those of others). Although the Kramer Tape is a great plugin that I’ve used and enjoyed on a lot of projects, the J37 offers a lot more flexibility. Share Quote. Watch: Free Tutorial - How To Add Attitude To Vocals Using The Delay Section In Waves Kramer Master Tape Plug-in. DD from San Francisco, CA. July 21, 2019 . Was it helpful to you? Sweetwater Customer from . Lives for gear . Closed my eyes and turned it on and off. Version reviewed: 7 PRO 64 on Windows. Tried it on channels, tried it on the bus, tried setting after setting after setting. This has definitely brought life to my mixes! For recording, mixing and mastering Kramer Tape maybe all the tape tool you need as it offers all the fatness, richness, saturation and warmth of real reels. What exactly did you think tape does? Kramer Master Tape. 0 of 4 people found this review helpful. User Reviews by KVR Members for Kramer Master Tape. Rate & Review Kramer Master Tape Now! Excellent. 9th October 2011 #3. bugscoe. Report.