Cheese – Sharp cheddar cheese is the way to go.You can use white cheddar or other cheddar cheese if sharp cheddar isn’t available. 19. Our Kosher list was compiled to help you easily identify the wide range of kosher certified products that we carry in our stores. From cheese sauces and chips to popcorn, Ricos brings you great-tasting snacks for the whole family! Add some jalapenos to spice things up a bit. Cheese Recipes Sauce Recipes Appetizer Recipes Appetizers Cooking Recipes Easy Recipes Vegan Recipes Nachos Simple Cheese Sauce. Enjoy your favorite game time snack in the comfort of your own home while watching your favorite sports, a movie or just celebrating some good family time. Here's a simple cheese sauce to spread over tortilla chips. Saved by Allrecipes. Gehl Foods makes food FUN with our ready-to-serve, versatile, flavorful (and affordable) cheese sauces made with 100% real dairy. Browse our selection. Nacho Cheese Sauce. At the top of this page, we have included an index of kosher hechshers (symbols) found on Trader Joe’s Products, so that you can become more familiar with the kosher certifier agencies that may not be from your neighborhood. Note– if you do face issues with sharp cheddar making sauce grainier, use mild cheddar.I did test this recipe three times with sharp cheddar, used two different brands of sharp cheddar that was available and I did not face issues of sauce becoming grainier.