... Kiawe. Then, a fire is built in the pit using kiawe wood (similar to mesquite). you using Kiawe wood? Kiawe (pronounced key-ah-vey) is a wood that is only found in Hawaii. BEER and WINE – Kiawe pods can contain in excess of 40% sucrose. This is a large amount of sugar that lends itself quite readily to fermentation. My wife loved her dish. Fast burner, light but distinctive smoke flavor. The wood is dense with a dark thin bark. Ash. I had the replacement for the Kiawe Wood Grilled A'u and my wife had the crabbed top macadamia nut encrusted mahi mahi. I know of no other wood possessing the chatoyancy or range of colors of Koa. My fish was tough and rubbery so I sent it back. Preparation: Remove membrane from ribs prior to … A whole hog is salted, wrapped in more ti or banana leaves, and placed into the pit. Hawaiian Salt & Pepper Ribeye* double r ranch ribeye, truffle roasted fingerling potatoes, ... substitute hana grown vegan taro patty with smashed local avocado 16.5. KOA EXOTIC WOOD Koa may be the most spectacular hardwood in the world! Kiawe (pronounced "kee-ah-vay") is a cousin to mesquite but with a deeper more intense flavor. Yes, the result is indescribably delicious, but it's not the kind of meal people turn to at the end of a long workday. hemitruk, Feb 2, 2018 #19569. To make the oven, a large dirt pit is dug. Very hard to come by. The spirit of the volcano lives in this tree and radiates from the lumber. The fish was much better the second time around. Kiawe Beer: “The kiawe could be used as an adjunct to barley to offer its own characteristic flavor. The food was okay and the wait staff was helpful but very inattentive. Kiawe Wood Burning Oven & Grill. Kalua Pork & Pineapple Flatbread. Great substitute for apple as it is also milder and sweeter than hickory. Click to expand... Yea I use kiawe. Good with fish and red meats. The problem with Koa Possibly you could substitute the pounds of barley for pounds of kiawe grain. Hawaiian Red ‘Alaea is a legendary medicinal clay laden with healthful benefits, enriched with Iron-Oxide. Bay. I have mesquite and apple I was thinking about trying some mixed together. Kiawe wood for smoking; Mesquite wood is an acceptable substitute; Smoker substitute: Liquid smoke found at any grocery store 1 Tablespoon . Large rocks are placed in the pit to help retain the heat once the fire dies out. It took awhile to get the attention of my waiter. Good with all meats. 13. This Sea Salt is made in Hawaii and is infused with Kiawe Wood. Traditional imu kâlua puaʻa involves a big pit filled with burning kiawe wood, red-hot rocks, wet banana stumps, layers of ti leaves and a whole pig. When the rocks are hot, the pit is lined with ti or banana leaves.