I haven’t made this recipe with broccoli but I do love broccoli with alfredo sauce. Chop chicken and scoop it onto pasta. Trim chicken thighs and set aside. Follow us on Instagram and Pinterest for moreEasy Recipes and Simple Entertaining Ideas! Cauliflower rice cooks very quickly because it is so small. We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. Results may vary. Once cream sauce has warmed add softened cream cheese and begin to melt. Like what you see? It will certainly likewise make your recipe moist and also tasty. Pour alfredo sauce on top. 5. When I realized that alfredo sauce wasn’t high in carbs, I knew it would be easy to make a keto version of my favorite pasta dish at home. Mix ingredients.. Add chicken to bowl and evenly coat in mixture. Steam the cauliflower. August 29, 2018 Laura. The only thing that can compare to it is the chicken Parmesan with spinach dip at a restaurant, but then again I’ll have to give that a little more credibility. They are generated by an online API which recognizes ingredient names and amounts and makes calculations based on the serving size. That Alfredo sauce was super yummy! You can warm up an individual portion in the microwave. 3. Required fields are marked *. You need to prepare 3.5 lb Boneless Skinless Chicken Thighs (trimmed). Once melted add heavy cream and and bacon fats then slowly start warming up to low-medium heat. Remove the chicken from the skillet. Prepare the chicken. Drain the can of palmini linguine, and place the contents into a bowl filled with a bit of milk to soak. Cut the chicken into 1 inch cubes (no need to be precise you just want them bite size) and sprinkle with onion powder, garlic powder, salt and pepper. Cauliflower releases a lot of water when it cooks, which is one of the reasons we steam it first to help release some of the moisture before placing it in the casserole. Chicken Alfredo Casserole with Broccoli Recipe; Chicken Alfredo Casserole with Broccoli; Sponsored Post: This post is sponsored by BJ’s Wholesale Club, but my love for their fresh, affordable products are my own. Bake and serve. Straining and then patting dry helps remove the excess moisture and helps prevent the casserole from becoming a watery mess. Cabbage and Lasagna Noodle roll ups Labor Day, Recipe for Delicious Easy Cheesy Pasta Bake, Recipe for Perfect Oven Baked Cheesy-Ranch Chicken Strips, The Best Veggie Saute w/ Spinach & Feta Recipes, Step-by-Step to Prepare Perfect Mexican Fiesta Grilled Chicken Breast (bone-in), Top-Rated Vickys Mediterranean-Style Roast Chicken & Veg, GF DF EF SF NF Recipes, Recipe for Tasty Jalapeno Popper Dip so good, Perfect Grill Chicken Breast White Wine Lime Marinated Recipes, Must-Have Chicken omlet cheese sandwich Recipes. Thank you! If you find this Keto Chicken Alfredo recipe helpful please share it to your friends or family, thank you and good luck. You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. Just toss the raw cauliflower rice with the chicken and then follow the rest of the instructions as written. Place the pre cut cauliflower pieces and one cup of water in a microwave safe bowl. In my easy keto appetizers post, I talked about how much I miss being able to order an appetizer platter from restaurants. However you may visit Cookie Settings to provide a controlled consent. Drying your cauliflower is an important step that you should not skip! Add chicken to lightly greased baking sheet and top with any remaining mayo mixture.. Bake in oven for 45-60min or until internal temperature reached 165° then let cool.. Cook for approximately 10 minute, or until chicken is cooked through. Prep the oven and dish. Here is how you cook that. https://kaseytrenum.com/keto-chicken-alfredo-with-broccoli-bake When sauce begins to bubble remove from heat and slowly stir in cheddar and shredded parmesan. To minimize fat when cooking, usage applesauce instead of butter. Place cut cauliflower in a microwave safe bowl with 1 cup of … Made. This will hit the spot when you're craving comfort food. Eating keto doesn’t mean you need to give up on classic comfort food. It was just as tasty as their marinara sauces with pretty basic ingredients. If you want to do this, there is no need to cook it ahead of time. Pour remaining sauce atop pasta.. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Low Carb Chicken Alfredo Bake. Mix ingredients.. Add chicken to bowl and evenly coat in mixture. This will certainly decrease fat and calorie components of your treat dish. Layer the toppings in this order: mozzarella cheese, parmesan cheese, crushed pork rinds. 2. Even better, this recipe is quick and easy to put together making it perfect for busy weeknights any time of the year. Then heat a skillet over medium high heat add your olive oil and the cubed chicken. Most people won't also be able to discriminate. Place in oven and bake for 30 minutes, or until the casserole is warmed through and the cheese is fully melted. Cook for approximately 10 minute, or until chicken is cooked through. Cut the chicken breast into 1-inch cubes and sprinkle with onion powder, garlic powder, salt, and pepper. Let the chicken fill in the spaces between the cauliflower to make a mixed layer of chicken and cauliflower. Notify me via e-mail if anyone answers my comment. Your email address will not be published. I’m not a big fan of cauliflower, but this looks delicious! Learn how your comment data is processed. Set the chicken aside. Alfredo sauce also tends to break apart when frozen. In large mixing bowl add 2 cups of mayo, 1 cup Grated Parmesan and optional seasonings. Keto Chicken Alfredo Casserole is an easy, cheesy low carb meal packed full of chicken, cheese, and cauliflower. Repeat steps using the remaining cauliflower and chicken to make a layer, followed by the remaining keto alfredo sauce, and topped with the last of the mozzarella cheese. In a skillet over medium high heat add your olive oil and the cubed chicken. Note: This post may contain affiliate links. That means if you click on a link and make a purchase we may receive a small commission. (These noodles technically don't need to be cooked but I do because it seems to help their taste). Next time I am going to try adding diced onions and mushrooms. To do this, cook on high in a microwave safe bowl for about 2 to 3 minutes. This keto chicken Alfredo with broccoli bake is one that you’ll never forget. Place cut cauliflower in a microwave safe bowl with 1 cup of water.