Journal description. 644-719) The Road to Serfdom after 75 Years. Marianne Johnson (pp. The Journal of Economic Growth is designed to serve as the principal outlet for theoretical as well as empirical research in economic growth and dynamic macroeconomics. 55 ECONOMIC GROWTH AND DEVELOPMENT Mladen M. Ivic, PhD, PIM University of Banja Luka, 78000 Banja Luka, +38765-494-581 [email protected] Abstract: Under Economic Growth mean constantly increasing volume of production in a (JPMNT) Journal of Process Management – New Technologies, International Vol. The emphasis is on quantitative or analytical work, which is novel and relevant. The Journal of Economic Growth is a peer-reviewed academic journal covering research in economic growth and dynamic macroeconomics.It was established in 1996 and is published by Springer Science+Business Media. Bruce Caldwell (pp. Steel (pp. Infrastructure, Economic Growth and Poverty Reduction in Africa. The Journal of Development Economics publishes original research papers relating to all aspects of economic development - from immediate policy concerns to structural problems of underdevelopment. The Economic Journal is one of the founding journals of modern economics first published in 1891. 3, No.1, 2015. Afeikhena Jerome . 720-48) Where Economics Went Wrong: A Review Essay. About. 749-76) Commanding Nature by Obeying Her: A Review Essay on Joel Mokyr's A Culture of Growth. Enrico Spolaore (pp. Mark F. J. Model Averaging and Its Use in Economics. The journal remains one of the top journals in the profession and provides a platform for high quality, innovative, and imaginative economic research, publishing papers in all fields of economics for a broad international readership. The Journal does not publish book reviews.