Joe Vassallo CEO at Burrito Boyz Toronto, Canada Area 0 connections. Having 7shifts’ easy-to-use schedule builder that factors in overtime, availability, and local compliance laws makes it easy for franchisee owners to manage the schedule without much hassle—which lead to a more normalized labor cost across the board for the entire Burrito Boyz operation. The Burrito Boyz team took to Google to find a scheduling tool that could remedy their labor management pains and help new and existing franchisees control their costs. Here are the essential restaurant management skills you’ll need to take on more responsibility. Head Office needed a way to get visibility into the franchisees’ operations in order to help normalize labor costs and processes, and ultimately support the franchisee owners in growing their operations. Hey! Joe Vassallo and Ian Angus, who coined the Burrito Boyz franchise somewhat ahead of the recent popularity explosion of gourmet burrito joints, have indeed gone their separate ways and divided up the property. Enforcing frequent hand washing accompanied by wearing gloves … We look forward to serving you in the future. If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, feel free to contact us at [email protected] Burrito Boyz. Thank You, Joe Vassallo, Burrito Boyz Owner / CEO Computeach College. Report this profile; Experience. Restaurant Scheduling Softwarefor managers that want to stay in control. Read on to find out! Thankfully, with enough change already going around, neither owner is advertising any change to the burrito recipe which made them famous. That’s exactly what Burrito Boyz corporate saw after the 7shifts implementation. Toronto Brampton London Etobicoke Mississauga Streetsville Scarborough North … As the CEO of a fast-growing chain of restaurants, Vassallo was after three major things: Aaron Jacobs, Operations Manager for Burrito Boyz, elaborates on the challenges corporate was facing as they scaled the business. Burrito Boyz is a Canadian Mexican chain based in Ontario, Canada, and has been a popular local burrito spot for years. You can unsubscribe anytime or. More efficient schedules. What are the most common restaurant job interview questions you'll come across in the service industry and what's the best way to answer them? … Menu Fine Burritos and Quesadillas Catering Locations. When baby number three came along for the family, they knew they needed to find a better solution to manage their schedule and focus on what mattered—serving their guests and growing their business. Burrito Boyz Etobicoke locations. Yep, under the terms of the dissolution, the cramped cellar that was formerly Burrito Boyz North (Peter and Richmond) is going to have to be renamed. With corporate visibility, 7shifts is able to help Burrito Boyz determine key metrics for success." Uber. Looking to move up at your restaurant. Both Boyz are also looking at expansion options. You can now order Burrito Boyz via: SKIP the DISHES. With 7shifts tried and tested in two locations, and results of time and labor savings already apparent, the Burrito Boyz team knew they had found their solution. Burrito Boyz feedback form. When asked if Burrito Boyz had advice for other multi-unit operations looking to scale and support their franchisees, Aaron underlined the importance of a smart scheduling solution. comments, 140 bars and restaurants that closed in Toronto since the start of the pandemic, Popular ramen chain from Japan just opened its first Toronto location, 5 Japanese cheesecakes in Toronto you need to try at least once, Toronto restaurant owners letting customers know what they think of Adamson BBQ, Toronto brewery near Adamson Barbecue struggling to get orders to customers, Adamson BBQ owner Adam Skelly raises more than $170k to cover legal expenses, Toronto bars are teaming up for a takeout brunch menu where everything is under $10, Fundraiser for Adamson Barbecue raises more than $28k in less than 24 hours, Sign up for our free email newsletter. At, Ian and his staff are running a contest to sort out the new name. The easiest way to spend 80% less time scheduling your restaurant staff. This, as a friend of mine put it, is why rock bands spend millions of dollars a year on group therapy: you don't mess with success. 1994 – 1995. Having topped blogTO's list of the best burritos in Toronto (and to die-hards like myself, the fondness remains as unquenchable as the craving for their food), the Boyz now face the unenviable task of competing with themselves. We appreciate your business and will continue to provide the quality, freshness, and service that you expect from Burrito Boyz. Join the conversation CEO Burrito Boyz. Overall, reduced labor costs. With over a dozen locations in the Greater Toronto Area alone, and over 30 across the province, Burrito Boyz has been feeding hungry Canadians affordable, brick-sized Burritos since 2004. They drafted up a short-list of solutions to explore, but ultimately it was their own franchisees who suggested the tool they ended up choosing—7shifts. I'm Dew, the Brand Strategist at 7shifts. Ian will open a new location in the Annex (woo hoo!). As the company grew, the Burrito Boyz corporate team and franchisees found that there were major operational inefficiencies that slowed down growth and drove up their costs. The Canadian government isn't the only organization doing a major unexpected reshuffle right now: the Burrito Boyz (formerly of three locations, two of which are downtown) also recently broke up. At Burrito Boyz we have always emphasized high standards of cleanliness by: Designing our kitchens in an open concept style, allowing you to see our entire food preparation process from start to finish. © 7shifts • Restaurant Scheduling Software. We spoke to Matt Vella, one of the franchise operators Aaron was referring to, about his experience with scheduling and the move to 7shifts. Burrito Boyz feedback form. Though neither of them is Mexican and both are far from adolescent, Ian Angus and Joe Vassallo are the Burrito Boyz (120 Peter, at Richmond, 416-593-9191). Unsubscribe anytime or, Sign up for our free email newsletter so you’re always in the know. The note is from Burrito Boyz CEO Joe Vassallo. Ian will not, however, be retaining the Burrito Boyz name itself. Matt’s Burrito Boyz locations were run by his small family team: him, his wife, and his brother. 1158 THE QUEENSWAY OUR QUEENSWAY LOCATION MOVED DEC 4th 2020 TO 1158 THE QUEENSWAY Rolling out a new technology system across 30+ locations can be a nightmare. Join to Connect. Load Joe Vassallo and Ian Angus, who coined the Burrito Boyz franchise somewhat ahead of the recent popularity explosion of gourmet burrito joints, have indeed gone their separate ways and … We have expanded our delivery network. Any ideas are welcome until December 10, with a $500 prize to the winner - and yes, you can cash out your $500 in equivalent burrito value if you choose.