PRINT Ingredients. Click to rate this recipe: Enjoy a salad dish full of flavour without added calories, thanks to this seared chicken breast with yuzu soy dressing salad recipe. edamame … 1 tablespoon tamari soy sauce. Seared Chicken Breast With Yuzu Soy Dressing Salad JapanCentre Japanese Dinner,Lunch Main Meals. -In a pan drop the white miso, sugar, sake and dashi. Whisk grapeseed oil, soy sauce, yuzu juice, and garlic in a medium bowl. Season dressing to taste with salt and pepper. Login; Register; About KEWPIE History of Kewpie The Difference Mayonnaise Dressings Shop Dressings (NON-GMO) Deep-Roasted Sesame (12oz) Roasted Garlic Onion (12oz) Mango Chia (12oz) Dressings (Original) Deep-Roasted Sesame (16.9oz) Deep-Roasted Sesame … Ingredients for Yuzu Dressing for 4 to 8 Servings . Preparation. 1 Pinch of cracked sea salt . Any, I hope you try my yuzu dressing recipe soon and let me know what you thought of it! FREE Shipping - Orders Over $25 . 1 Pinch of cracked black pepper . Serves 2; 15 minutes ; 3.7143 28 Rated by 28 people. Enliven your rice dishes with this edamame black rice with yuzu dressing recipe. Optional. 1 tablespoon Japanese Yuzu juice. Mix well until the sugar is dissolved. Ready in 1 minute.) Switch on fire.-Cook on a small fire for 7~8 minutes. P.S. Dressing. 1 tablespoon Sunflower, golden flaxseed, sesame seed nut sprinkle. Yuzu Kosho Dressing will give gyoza a refreshing citrus flavor with a hint of spiciness. If you like yuzu flavor, you might like to try my other yuzu based recipe – honey citron iced tea (This is my favorite summer drink! The perfect accompaniment to a beef steak or tofu burger, this recipe brings the roasted nutty flavour of black rice, the salty flavour of edamame and the refreshing tang of yuzu together for a healthy and original Japanese side dish. Recipe courtesy of Great British Chefs. 1 tablespoon extra virgin olive oil. Tweet.