mimosifolia: Leaves like that look like that of the Genus Mimosa. Tree Characteristics. Family: BIGNONIACEAE Common Name: Jacaranda, Blue Jacaranda, Black poui and The fern tree. It measures 58 feet high, with a trunk circumference of 98 inches and a crown spread of 73 feet. Leaf. Erect with a High Canopy. Etymology: Jacaranda: Latinised version of local Portuguese (Old Tupi) name for this tree ‘yacaranda’. Jacaranda mimosifolia flowering. Common name: Jakaranda Other common names: Blue haze tree. Mimosafolia literally means "Mimosas leaves." D.Don. - Jacaranda has many cultural references, in folk songs and legends, contemporary social references like "purple panic" to "exam tree". Scientific Name: Jacaranda mimosifolia Common Name (s): Jacaranda, Blue jacaranda, Green ebony tree, Black poui, Fern tree, Brazilian rosewood, Blue trumpet tree. Jacaranda mimosifolia. Additional Common Names. Quick Growing and Care Guide. Growing Zone (USA / UK Hardiness): 9(b)-11 / Does not do well in the UK, grow as a conservatory or greenhouse plant only. Bignoniaceae + Synonyms. Common Name: Jacaranda. A Jacaranda mimosifolia in Santa Ana is registered as a California Big Tree. Jacaranda ovalifolia R.Br. The species name "mimosifolia' derives from the Latin words "mimosa" and "folia." Genus: Jacaranda. Jacaranda acutifolia Bonpl. Jacaranda mimosifolia. JACARANDA, FERN TREE, BLACK POUI, BLUE JACARANDA, BLUE TRUMPET TREE. Plant Details. Family: Bignoniaceae. species: mimosifolia.