Status Biographical Information He had visible traces of facial hair over his mouth and at the bottom of his chin. [7][8] However, his clones still displayed conflict over who was the original, although they were willing to work past it for their goals. He enjoyed assuming dramatic poses and eccentric facial expressions. His Quirk was very effective in a supporting role, as he could use his power to create reinforcement for both himself and his allies in battle. Team(s) Hair Color Chapter 266 of the series is Twice's last stand as he is stabbed in the back by Hawks. Twice's costume and lively mannerisms may be inspired by, His costume, Quirk and insanity is also very similar to the Superman villain, His family name "Bubaigawara", is pronounced and written the same as a. Ranked 47th place in the 4th Popularity Poll. Sir Nighteye and Izuku Midoriya and Mirio Togata and All Might, He had a large scar splitting his forehead from an incident in his past. Twice's costume was specially ordered by Giran, designed to be tough yet easy on the skin. His desperation to find friends lead him to trust others very quickly. Both have disabilities, Twice with insanity issues, and Ectoplasm with prosthetic legs. To Each Their Own Strengths! Quirk Tomura Shigaraki claims that Twice's Quirk is a key piece to the League's plans. How did you feel about Twice's final moments in the series? How did you feel about a villain being the first major character in this war to lose their life? 'My Hero Academia' Profile: Jin Bubaigawara, There's no place for insane guys like me in society. Overall Abilities: Twice was a fairly capable villain and a major asset to the League of Villains. Meaning that while this version of Twice was able to say his final goodbyes to Toga, the two of them will never have that moment for real. May 10 Double (二 (に) 倍 (ばい) , Nibai? That's why the series really broke hearts with Chapter 266 of the series. 31 When injured by the fake clones Skeptic created, he moved past his trauma after realizing that he was the original and didn't hesitate to protect Himiko Toga. White-Hot Battle! Prior to joining the league, Twice seems to suffer from DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder), as a result of creating clones of himself. According to Giran, this Quirk gave Twice the potential to take down entire countries. He later became one of the nine lieutenants of the Paranormal Liberation Front, an organization formed from the remnants of the League and the Meta Liberation Army. ),[3] was a Villain affiliated with the League of Villains and was part of its Vanguard Action Squad. He and the rest of his team served as the main antagonists of the Forest Training Camp Arc. Twice's preliminary design didn't change much from his current one, having a slightly different costume with four eye openings instead of just two. Twice also served as the commander for the "Vanguard Action Tactics Regiment: Black" of the aforementioned organization.[4]. Affiliation [9] Despite his still fragile mindset, Twice remained resolute in his loyalty to his friends. Vanguard Action Squad (Formerly)Black Regiment (Commander) In order to duplicate something, he needed to know the exact measurements and characteristics. The majority of Twice's suit was black other than the section over his lower legs and the gray designs that appear to form a "T" and "W" over his chest. Paranormal Liberation War Arc Antagonists, Eraser Head & Vlad King vs. Dabi's Doubles, Bakugo Escort Squad vs. Vanguard Action Squad, Establishing the Bakugo Bodyguard Brigade, End of the Beginning, Beginning of the End, Goodbye Two-Digit Chapters, Hello Three Digits. Fighting Style English Voice The "T" is formed by a horizontal line crossing his upper torso and a vertical line ascending from the abdomen. Gender Twice (トゥワイス, Tuwaisu?) Anime Debut It is shown that even after conquering his inner demons that Jin still occasionally experienced relapses, suggesting his multiple split personality issues. Jin Bubaigawara Japanese Voice Rejecting any offer of support from the heroes who threaten them and ultimately giving his life protecting the League; in his final moments, he was content with his fate as he had protected his friends at the end. During his confrontation with Skeptic's clones, Jin was revealed to have been a lonely individual who created clones to compensate for friendship. Despite the two of them often killing heroes and begetting all sorts of violence, their relationship is one of the more emotionally investing pairings of the entire character roster.