Trader Joe’s has a large selection of cheeses, and their cheese is very affordable, compared to other supermarkets and specialty food stores. This cheese is more unusual and bright than regular gouda. Here is our master list of cheese available at Trader Joe’s and what the cost is. My friend, Lydia, had a conversation with blogger Ann Marie (aka: Cheeseslave) on facebook discussing the cheese selection at Trader Joes. Personalized health review for Trader Joe's Goat Cheese with Honey: 80 calories, nutrition grade (C), problematic ingredients, and more. What you won’t find here is the special Spotlight Cheese they offer on a monthly basis. 0 Comments Description. Trader Joe’s Cheese List. Learn the good & … We break the list down into 4 parts – cheese under $6, cheese over $6/pound, goat cheese, and cheese not priced by the pound. Pasteurized goats milk, honey, salt, cheese cultures, vegetable rennet, natamycin (natural yeast and mold inhibitor). Goat's Milk Gouda Cheese, $3.33 for 1/3 lb. It will also taste lovely with the honey and walnut mixture above. Even if you think goat cheese is too tangy, this might woo you over. Trader Joe’s has stocked this sweet little cheese log for over a decade now, and for good reason. For the uninitiated, Joe-Joe's are … $3. Candy Cane Joe-Joe's may give Spiced Cider a run for its money when it comes to Trader Joe's most iconic holiday treats.