These dips range from simple salsas to creamy spinach dip. Cream Spinach Dip: Not Vegan: Whey Protein Concentrate: Among the vegan options, you’re also able to find “questionable” ingredients that may not be in alignment with the preferences of stricter vegans. Chunky Salsa (Mild) To go along with their variety of tortilla chips, Tostitos also has 13 flavors of dip. Tostitos is one of the most widely available brands of tortilla chips (and dips) in North America, and while I prefer other brands I certainly can’t say much bad about Tostitos. I simply prefer thinner chips and thicker salsas. Not all Tostitos Chips & Dips are Vegan though. Vegan Tostitos Dips. As a general rule, all of the salsa varieties are vegan-friendly, while the other dips are not. A full breakdown of which dip varieties and which are not is below.