It felt hard to play for about a year until I put Elixir 10s on it and used it every day for 3 weeks in advance of some recording: The S6 is Seagull’s flagship model and is an award winning acoustic guitar! Only $300 bucks. Although you probably won’t have any problems for a very long time…buying a Seagull now is a mistake. Like a fool I put her right back in that flimsy gig bag. Handmade in Canada (one of the few guitars at this price point that are even made in North America! The tuning machine heads are of good quality and keep tune very well.The S6 does not come with any electronics. The Seagull S6, while still an entry level acoustic guitar, has all the qualities of a higher end instrument. Seagull claims that by putting the tuners in line with the nut, they have been able to improve tuning stability. Robert Godin produced the first Seagull guitar in 1982 in Canada with some serious motivation on quality! Granted, it’s a small guitar, but other parlor guitar of about the same size width/length sound much fuller. Killer Rig is supported by our audience. Interesting discussion thread. Dropped her again. The Seagull S6 original is a fantastic guitar. Wonderful tone and easy to play. I hope your luthier was able to repair your beloved guitar. This is something that is common among high-end guitars but you rarely, if ever, find on an entry-level guitar. The acoustic-electric version of the S6 comes with what they call the Quantum I, a proprietary design for Seagull. But I’d advise anybody now not to buy one. wayne. I just read your post and realize it’s a year old. The cedar top will also produce a warm tone, and because its solid, it will vibrate more than a laminated top. I wish I had the original bridge pins. That’s the way I roll, substance over flash. It comes in 9 different version, each with different looks, electronics and more. I’ve tried different strings to no avail. And really, who cares about a guitar that makes a “Top 5” list when it’s already won numerous industry awards? The electronics include volume, bass and treble controls for a transducer located in the saddle. This is actually built this way for a specific reason. Absent of any other negative comments, you become skeptical. IF you are the original owner, they should honor it. Seagull guitars can be found at the NAMM show each year. Its the kind of sound that one would naturally think came from a more expensive acoustic! I remember going out to audition guitars at several music stores in the area. … It will also increase the lifespan of the instrument. In fact everything is the same except for one major difference – the … I told them my serial number and they pretty much said, sorry no service, it’s too old. Thanks to Ukulele Music for the shout out! It was a great intermediate guitar. This is such an old thread but I was hoping I could get some advice. period. I will go to a luthier I know in Brooklyn today. On the back and sides of the guitar, you’ll find a darker Canadian Wild Cherry, a tonewood that you don’t see often within this price range. Just like the rest of the S6 guitars in the series, the play ability and sound from the Classic Black is amazing! And with how beautifully rich and balanced the guitar sounds, we tend to think this may hold true.The compensated saddle on the S6 is designed to keep the acoustic in tune at every fret of the finger board.Its actually quite impressive at the price point of this guitar. This guitar is simply stunning! Your timing is perfect! However, the Seagull Artist line is solid wood which will sound better with age. The sound is excellent – and seems to get better with time – and the feel is smooth. Whenever you see one and only one neap gating email, you immediately think ” this must be someone with an axe to grind”. Sorry to hear that, buy another 1 and get a hard case! My lesson in self care. Lets take a look at some of the key features of the Seagull S6 Acoustic guitar. But anyway, I do love my Seagull M6. Top of neck is now detached. Well lets get right into it! With its solid wood, quality construction and north American craftsmanship, this guitar is sure to impress you. I have the original promo leaflets that were in the music shop when I bought mine, and there’s a rundown of the range available back then! Projection and overall tone will be enhanced. My 12-string Seagull [serial no. I have owned a Seagull S6 for about 9 months. Being part of the Godin brand, they are nothing short of amazing. This wood is very durable with eye-appealing aesthetics. You are so right. I fretted about it (pun intended) a good bit and finally decided that I needed to trust my intuition. I had my S6 Cedar for about a month and noticed a tuning problem. The best sounding is my Artist Peppino. The S6 body has a pressure treated solid cedar top to ensure its highest level of rigidity and stiffness. This instrument has only improved with very regular use over time, and may well resist maturing without such a combination; it is played along side a Yamaha LJ16, which is many times more beautiful, and a Martin D15 which is also more commanding and handsome in equal parts, but the Seagull still remains the favourite child, cared for the most, loved the strongest, turned to first when the frantic day needs to be closed with a sigh and when nothing is sought in return. This is why the Seagull S6 steel string acoustic guitar has made our 5 Best Acoustic guitars under $500! I’ll bet it becomes an often-used part of your guitar collection. The top is constructed from solid cedar wood, which is known … I have had to lower the action at the bridge on each of them but for fingerstyle playing, you would be hard-pressed to find anything comparable at their price point. In fact everything is the same except for one major difference – the size/shape of the guitar. The S6 is Seagull’s flagship model and is an award winning acoustic guitar! The Seagull S6 Original offers a dreadnought style body, built with a set of high-end tonewoods. The tones are excellent and have matured with time. Comparatively, this results in better dynamic range, a richer sound and just better tone. I used to own a Martin D28 too and still preferred the S6. Be careful thinking that “Lifetime Warranty” means a whole lot. This guitar features a Fishman Sonitone preamp system and so the price will be slightly larger than the S6 Original. The one i have is A/E and for $400.00 its a good deal here in canada. The thing about using a cedar top instead of the traditional spruce top is that it’s hard to compare apples to apples when searching for a guitar. Before even comparing it to any other acoustic, just picking it up and playing it, there is a natural feel to this acoustic that sort of begins to inspire immediately. Wood used in this particular guitar is better than the average wood that you’d find, and the tonality is excellent. In short, Seagull doesn’t offer much glitz, but they spare nothing in terms of quality. But the new epoxied necks are the dumbest method of production possible. I read a out thos epoxy business and can’t imagine that’s the case with her neck — I bought her new in ’96. Consequently, this also allows for maximum harmonic vibration.This will benefit the player with a better experience. Thanks for any thoughts. As I hope to share in this Seagull S6 review, this acoustic guitar has become a standard for entry-level acoustic guitars and has earned a placed to be known as an intermediate guitar. Seagull S6 Review: High Quality, Reasonable Price. Spent 30 bucks on a set up and man you wouldn’t believe the difference. There’s nothing truly extraordinary about the Seagull S6 when you first look at it. Not only was he focused on build quality, he was also focused on sustainably sourcing all of the wood right from their backyard in Canada. I had similar experiences and have the most wonderful repair person just outside Philadelphia who has worked on all three of my seagulls including my old friend the S6. I love my guitar deeply and she she is a part of my soul. The folks at the company decided to use a bolt on neck but add epoxy. The S6 Original Concert Hall is similar to the Original in that it has a Solid Cedar Top and Wild Cherry back and sides. There are electronics in higher priced Seagull S6 versions and so if you have a few extra dollars to invest you will find them in another model. I have a very old “S6 Folk” (which was the name Godin gave to the ones with the cedar top and the wild cherry back and sides – the “S6” back then was the one with cedar top and mahogany back and sides). Keep on pickin’! This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. With its solid wood, quality construction and north American craftsmanship, this guitar is sure to impress you. What are your thoughts? Being known as the flagship of the Seagull line, the S6 Original includes a pressure tested cedar top, a silver leaf maple neck, a custom polished semi-gloss finish, and a bolder look on the neck, back and sides. A bonus feature that is becoming more common nowadays is that there is an on-board tuner as well. Help support this great company and I never understood the soft case idea Sorry you lost your baby, I really am. One of the best things about the Seagull S6 is its wood construction, which is something that sets its apart from other acoustic guitars.