Interprofessional collaboration efforts in education are not exclusively focused on novice healthcare workers. Nurse-physician collaboration is one such concept. To make this collaboration work, GPs and practice nurses require interprofessional collaborative competencies. Experts say nurses and doctors who have extensive experience must be retrained to learn new communication techniques. Regarding the training in health education, the literature points out that there is still resistance to overcoming training processes that legitimize a healthcare model based on the work fragmentation. A positive relationship between years of professional practice and interprofessional collaboration was also found, which was similar to a study conducted with American physicians and nurses 21 . Advances in Interprofessional Education Collaboration. Toronto, ON, Canada : Ontario College of Family Physicians , 2006 . There is a well-documented direct relationship between the supportive and collaborative relationships nurses have with physicians and the ultimate safety of their patients that has been known for decades, discussed in the 2008 study by Rosenstein and O’Daniel in the Joint Commission Journal on Quality and Patient Safety. Way, D, Jones, L, Busing, N. College of family physician implementation strategies: collaboration in primary care–family doctors and nurse practitioners deliver shared care. As the nursing profession moves forward in the 21 st century, all professional nurses should be implementing evidence-based programs to support transition to practice and creating interprofessional collaborative environments. Several authors have identified collaboration between nurses and doctors as problematic. INTERPROFESSIONAL COLLABORATION: A HEALTHCARE PROFESSIONAL’S DUTY by Dorothy Williams CATHERINE SUTTLE, PhD, Faculty Mentor and Chair JUDITH TRESCHUK, PhD, Committee Member NANCY SANDUSKY, DNP, Committee Member Patrick Robinson, PhD, Dean, School of Nursing and Health Sciences A DNP Project Presented in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Degree Doctor of Nursing … In a climate constantly demanding efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and quality improvement, interprofessional collaboration warrants re-examination because maximizing nurse-physician collaboration holds promise for improving patient care and creating satisfying work roles. Overlapping, interdependence or complementarity?, interprofessional collaboration between nurse practitioners and other health professionals in Ontario; Suivre cet auteur Monique Benoit, Suivre cet auteur Roger Pilon, Suivre cet auteur Anne-Marise Lavoie, Suivre cet auteur Pierre Pariseau-Legault In this complexity, effective interprofessional collaboration (IPC) between general practitioner (GP) and practice nurse is essential to provide high quality care, as practice nurses are (in the Netherlands) involved in more than 88% of chronic cases .