crisis in doctoral research, adviser-candidate relationship, doctoral education, Carol A Rogers-Shaw, Davin J Carr-Chellman. Aim/Purpose: This paper explores how online structured doctoral programmes (OSDPs) can sustain more fully the collective dimension of supervision for student emancipation leading to academic success. This article explores the value of attending to the emotional side of the doctoral journey by focusing on the use of a ‘secret’ Facebook group amongst a cohort of EdD (Professional Doctorate in Education) students at one English university. In particular, understanding the nature of the caring relationships doctoral students experience and their development of effective socio-emotional capacity are the primary foci of this study. Aim/Purpose: In this paper, we examine how first-year education doctoral (EdD) students in a peer mentoring program may be supported in the academic and psychosocial domains to increase timely degree completion, decrease attrition, and improve the EdD program for students and faculty. The study examined the value of dissertation chairs’ use of a cloud-based video technology for coaching doctoral students, and its influence on psychological factors previously linked to retention. Aim/Purpose: This qualitative case-study explores how a doctoral student’s family influences the doctoral student’s success from the perspective of doctoral students who were enrolled in an online doctoral program. It may provide institutions with data necessary to ad ... doctoral study, socio-emotional learning, ethics of care, learning care, Martin F Lynch, Nailya R Salikhova, Albina Salikhova. Doctoral student retention remains a challenge in higher education with an average attrition rate of 50%. i - vii Developing Academic Identity: A Review of the Literature on Doctoral Writing and Feedback. An underlying premise i ... doctoral studies, internationalization, racial and cultural diversity. This paper presents quantitative results of a comparative study evaluating the management skills of doctoral candidates working toward a PhD and additional information related to their lifestyles. International Journal of Doctoral Studies (IJDS) is an academically peer-reviewed international journal that publishes scholarly articles on issues in doctoral studies using the Informing Science framework. Using a panel of experts to achieve consensus in solving a problem, deciding the most appropriate course of action, or establishing causation where none previously existed, particularly in areas of business or education research, are uniquely ideal to employment of ... Delphi, consensus, dissertation research, problem-solving, expert panel, critique. Aim/Purpose: The purpose of this research is to explore and describe the role of care and socio-emotional learning in the first year of doctoral study. Furthermore, the aim is to examine the aspects of supervision the students found to be effective during their studies. Aim/Purpose: The aim of this study is to provide a comprehensive picture of doctoral students’ dissertation journeys using Finland as a case country. Balancing Graduate School and Mothering: Is There a Choice? professional development, graduate programs, moral reasoning, racial and cultural awareness. doctoral education, heroic journey, archetypes, Jungian psychology. However, understanding these student motivations and career impacts is valuable for several reasons. Conversely, many academic programs market their D.B.A. Having engaged in the occupation of doctoral training, I aim to reflect upon how my identity as researcher developed throughout this process; that is, through doing, being, becoming, and belonging. Aim/Purpose: Research on students in higher education contexts to date has focused primarily on the experiences undergraduates, largely overlooking topics relevant to doctoral students’ mental, physiological, motivational, and social experiences. academic qualifications, Doctor of Education, doctoral faculty, educa-tional leadership, practitioner experiences, scholarly practitioners, Patricia L. Hardre, Lihui Liao, Yaser Dorri, Malea Beeson Stoesz. Consensus is continuing to evolve regarding both what is considered the appropriate coursework and the foundational knowledgebase of this field. Thus, in this study, the construct of doctoral academic-family integration is defined, followed by the creation and validation an instrument. Empowering Doctoral Candidates in Finding Relevant Concepts in a Literature Set, A Cultural Repertoire of Practices in Doctoral Education, Guiding the Use of Grounded Theory in Doctoral Studies – An Example from the Australian Film Industry, A Mixed Research Investigation of Factors Related to Time to the Doctorate in Education, Printable Table of Contents: IJDS Volume 5, 2010, Potential Predictors of Timely Completion among Dissertation Research Students at an Australian Faculty of Sciences, Motives and Aspirations for Doctoral Study: Career, Personal, and Inter-personal Factors in the Decision to Embark on a History PhD, Managing Perceived Coping Behavior While Mentoring Doctoral Students, Faculty Perspectives on Doctoral Student Socialization in Five Disciplines, Doctoral Students’ Perceptions of Barriers to Reading Empirical Literature: A Mixed Analysis, Starting to Publish Academic Research as a Doctoral Student, Book Review: Write to the Top!