If you can find other Japanese citrus (sudachi, daidai, etc. Add some sesame oil and you have an instant Japanese vinaigrette. Feel free to experiment with the citrus. Ponzu sauce is actually a little more complicated than that. Thanks, Sean! I have tried regular ponzu and other Japanese flavors, but really can’t tolerate the briny ick of bonito or anything resembling seaweed. Ponzu sauce (properly ponzu shoyu, but usually simply referred to as ponzu) is a Japanese citrus-based sauce (often yuzu or lemon), popularly used as a condiment for sashimi, tataki, shabu-shabu, and other dishes. Ponzu is not used to cook with, but a few dashes at the end of cooking—for example in a soup or a stew or a stir fry—can add a delicious kick. I have never thought about making my own Ponzu sauce before – and now I will, thanks to your recipe, Sean! Ponzu Shoyu (aka Ponzu Sauce) - from Scratch. That being said, tamari has a rather bold flavour, so you might want to tweak the citrus and sugar components a little bit to suit your tastes. I would try mixing a 1:1 ratio of shiitake mushroom liquid with soy sauce. In fact I think I need to explore the world of Japanese food a lot more in general! A mixture of Seville orange and lemon juice also works quite well, but suffers from similar problems related availability. The salt can become quite pronounced as the water evaporates or is absorbed, so reducing the soy sauce lets the other ingredients shine through. A sour citrus-based sauce usually made from the juice of the 橙 (daidai), an Asian variety of bitter orange. On the converse, I think that the savoury, umami flavour gets ignored most often, and I tend to think that this is because people don’t want to bother buying or using kombu or katsuobushi. Use Kikkoman Ponzu in a lemony tartar sauce for fish & chips, as a marinade for lemon chicken skewers, in a summery citrus salad dressing or, straight from the bottle, as a dipping sauce for shrimp tempura. Combine the sake and mirin in a small pot and bring to a boil on the stovetop. What an informative post! Happy New Year Sean! We do have a pretty well stocked Asian grocer here in Charlottetown..I’m sure I can find everything I’ll need. Il est également composé de vinaigre de riz, de mirin, de katsuobushi (flocons de bonites séchées), d’algues konbu ou de dashi et pour certain de sauce soja shoyu. Some HTML is OK: link, strong, em. AND I love LOVE everything about your whole site!! citrus soy sauce recipe, ponzu sauce, ponzu shoyu, scratch ponzu recipe, yuzu. He also writes about comics and nerd culture over at . Thanks for all the explanation and replacement options. Thanks for the very kind words! I hope that helps! Toyo - It is usually saltier than other varieties of soy sauce and is commonly used as a marinade. We may earn a commission on purchases, as described in our affiliate policy. Thank you Denise! Andrew is the author of Eat Britain, a book about the best of British food, and the creator of the Omnivore's Hundred, a popular meme listing 100 foods every omnivore should try! Cooks both within Japan and around the world use it in a variety of dishes. Il est à base d’agrumes japonais comme le sudachi, le yuzu, le kabuso, le dadai ou le citron. If you have a bottle of ponzu in your pantry, it contains soy sauce, probably because the version without soy is too delicate to be shelf-stable. If you like cooking Asian food at home, then you should have a bottle of ponzu in your cupboard. Thank you Cassandrea! While we see a lot of it in North America, we’re really only seeing a fraction of the culinary spectrum (and often a highly Westernized version).