73, No. “Domestic tourism” is an index term which can be used to search the Leisure Tourism bibliographic database. Log out of get custom paper. 12, No. But in 2017, China leads the way, having leapt from US$208 bn in 2008 (in 2017 prices) to give a current market of over $840 bn, just ahead of $803 bn in the USA. 24, No. Your source for all tourism, leisure and hospitality information. Like most websites we use cookies. The real importance and advantages of tourism come from its nature & structure. This is what makes tourism an important industry globally. <> Continuing to use www.cabi.org  Much has been made of the continued growth in international tourism over the last decade, rising consistently to reach a total of over 1.3 billion international arrivals in 2017. %PDF-1.4 We analyze 5 importance of tourism industry which are due to its characteristics. endobj But, except in some smaller, tourism-dependent developing economies, the travel and tourism industry is still dominated by domestic travellers. Of the 31 countries analysed for the WTTC report, domestic tourism accounted for half or more of total Travel and Tourism spending in 22. International tourism was most important in Thailand (around 80% of total spending) followed by Jamaica. 213-223, remove selected records that are not saved in My CABI, log you out of T Mar, pp. ], 2018, The evolution of holiday system in China and its influence on domestic tourism demand., Journal of Tourism Futures, Vol. 5 0 obj In Hungary, the government introduced a benefit programme to direct spending towards tourism services and incentivise domestic travel. CABI is a registered EU trademark, Climate change effects on winter sport tourism, Environmental certification in the hospitality industry, Promoting urban regeneration through the arts, Sport participation in people with disabilities, Staff motivation in the hospitality industry, The role of customer reviews in the hotel industry, Tourism for economic development in lsland states, Aukland, K., 2018, At the confluence of leisure and devotion: Hindu pilgrimage and domestic tourism in India., International Journal of Religious Tourism and Pilgrimage, Vol. means you agree to our use of cookies. ... employers to provide various non-wage benefits to employees which includes a programme for holiday and recreation activities. 1, pp. While countries often focus on growing international tourism due to its contribution to export earnings, the report highlights that the domestic market is an important tool for regional economic growth and development, which can be supported by government policies and investment. Japan falls from third to fifth place in the rankings. Leisure Tourism. 3 0 obj  781-800, Yuliana, 2018, Analysing destination experience, satisfaction and loyalty of domestic tourists: a case study of Bali, Indonesia., Pertanika Journal of Social Sciences & Humanities, Vol. In 2008, the USA led the world in domestic visitor spending, 2.5-fold the next largest market of Germany (US$752 bn in 2017 prices compared with $297 bn in Germany). 6, No. endobj Tourist destination The destination is the place or geographical space where a visitor or a tourist stops 1, pp. endobj The rapid growth in middle class income households in emerging markets has been an important driver of domestic Travel & Tourism, notably in the Asia-Pacific region. The tourism guarantees employment for more than half of community, directly or indirectly. 4, No. 1-13, Prayag, G., Chen Ning, Chiappa, G. del, 2018, Domestic tourists to Sardinia: motivation, overall attitude, attachment, and behavioural intentions., Anatolia, Vol. A new report from the WTTC reveals that globally, domestic tourism accounted for 73% of travel and tourism spend in 2017. “Domestic tourism” is an index term which can be used to search the Leisure Tourism bibliographic database. <>/Rotate 0/Parent 4 0 R/MediaBox[0 0 612 792]/Contents 17 0 R/Type/Page>> 1 0 obj Tourism and hospitality, which are inextricably linked to each other, are among the major revenue-earning enterprises in the world. With several business-related activities associated with tourism, the industry has a tremendous potential of generating employment a… 6 0 obj The Global Importance of Tourism just from $13,9 / page. tourism, its role is so well integrated in contemporary economies that the economic impact is relevant even to the less important countries in terms of tourism related activities. There has been an upmarket trend in tourism over the last few decades as travel has become quite common. The dominance of domestic versus international tourist spending in many countries with higher populations is shown by the finding that domestic contributions to Travel & Tourism reached 94% in Brazil and 87% in India, Germany, China and Argentina. Copyright © 2020 CABI. China accounted for 62% of global absolute growth in domestic spending over the past ten years, fuelled not only by rapid economic development, but also by the Chinese government investing in the development of a rail network and air infrastructure to accommodate the expansion of low cost carriers in second- and third-tier cities.