They may also demand a minimum score in each of the 4 sections. Learn all the specific writing structure for each type of task 1. IELTS Writing … Therefore, usage of the right form of language is required for attaining a high score in the IELTS writing section. IELTS is a multi-level exam. 2. So, please are this in mind when you are training – if you want to achieve a 7.0, you need an average of 7.0 overall! If your average is less than 7.0, you will receive a 6.5 for that part of the test. Well, there can be many reasons for this fall in performance, but one is often that teachers wrongly think that 7776 equals 7.0. To achieve an IELTS band score of 7.0 for Task 1 or Task 2, you need an average score of 7.0! Actually, there is a good reason for this – your questions will be marked by TWO different examiners! TWO IELTS examiners will have the pleasure of marking your writing! Or, does only one of them get rounded up? The IELTS Band Scores Multi-level. Writing an academic essay is different from writing a letter to a friend. Even better, download my FREE 67 page e-book that explains exactly what the band descriptors are and how the examiner will use them to grade your writing. For example, when we construct our reading and listening tests at the university, we have to use a system called The Cito variation on the Bookmark Method to be sure that every single question in a test is valid. Take one task 1 score and two task 2 scores and divide by 3. IELTS examiners are trained to give you band scores in four areas – I hope that you already know what they are, but if you don’t click here to watch my free video lesson that briefly explains them.. If you don’t finish in time, the system will submit what you have written automatically when the timer reaches zero. You get a score between 1 and 9 for each section. Download my e-book . Whatever is happening is locked inside a computer algorithm which. I do not have access to the precise scoring used by IELTS. Well, this increases the validity of the exam. How is your score for IELTS Task 1 & Task 2 calculated? The answer is………. Free IELTS resources from My IELTS Classroom. Well, it means that nobody really knows how your overall IELTS writing band score is calculated! You get a score between 1 and 9 for each section. Do neither of them get rounded up to 7.0? No! The only way to really know someone’s IELTS writing score is for an expert to read their essay/letter, but this quiz has been designed to give a good prediction of what your score would be if you took the real test.That is because it tests your knowledge of what the examiners want to see as well as your actual skill with grammar and vocabulary. Do they both get rounded up to 7.0? Listen to our interview with an IDP administrator to find out more about what happens behind the scenes in an official test centre: Now, this is where things get really interesting. When your Task 1 and Task 2 papers leave the two examiners’ hands, they will each have scores for the individual parts of the test. Do you see? It is essential that you understand how your paper will be banded before you sit the test – other wise you are essentially sitting the test “blind”. They may also demand a minimum score in each of the 4 sections. You might think that this is obvious, but you will be surprised how many people misunderstand the scoring system and, therefore,  think that they are performing better than they are! So, in your writing exam, you will write on two separate answer sheets – one for Task 1 and one for Task 2. Overall IELTS writing band score = 6.5 The scoring system is the same for Writing Task 1 and Task 2 – it is also the same for speaking (although the categories you will be assessed in our obviously different)! Hey! You will receive a score from 0 – 9 in each area and then these scores will be combined to create your final score for Task 1 or Task 2. The examiners will never see your other score or discuss your grades with each other – everything is done independently. If the average of the four components ends in .25, the Overall Band Score is rounded up to the next half band, and if it ends in .75, the Overall Band Score is rounded up to the next whole band. 3. Treat both parts of the exam with equal respect! Best IELTS Writing Tips From Phuong Band 7+ Score. Many students who join my school are confused why they got 6.5 in their test when they “had constantly been getting 7.0 in their practice tests”. ️ Here’s what we do know: Task 2  is worth twice as much as Task 1 . Before writing an essay, you must know its basic structure. Today I want to give you a short guide to how your overall IELTS writing band score is calculated. Writing Task 2 = band score 6. That’s right, you score for your essay comprised two-thirds of your final score, and the score for your letter/report the remaining third. I struggle to understand this myself. Universities often demand an IELTS score of 6 or 7. Therefore, experts suggest adopting formal writing still in IELTS to score a higher band 8+. Also, if you have read my other blog posts, you know that I work as an exam creator. The overall band score is the average score of all the skills. Well, I am sure somebody at Cambridge Headquarters knows but, seriously, nobody at your test centre knows the exact formula because it is calculated by a computer! IELTS takes the accuracy of your score very seriously. This means that I know a lot about exam validity – creating tests that are standardised and have a small standard of errors is VERY COMPLICATED. IELTS Writing Score Calculator. 2. The system will calculate your approximate band score for you. IELTS Writing … What is their overall writing IELTS band score? This is true even of more complicated scores. That means using this formula: where Xi is the symbol for the response to the item (i) (taking the value 1 for a correct and 0 for an incorrect answer); θ is the value of the latent variable; ai(>0) is the discrimination parameter of item I; βi  – its difficulty parameter.