A paddle brush works well on long loose curls. MENU. (Best results on wet hair) **Brushes come with A small extra piece, which easily clips into the back of your brush. Keep working until one side is completely untangled. Take your Conair brush and brush the mat-free side. When you have removed as much of the tangle or mat as you can, use the slicker brush to finish the job. For mats, brush in the direction the hair grows, adding more Detangler & Shine™ if necessary to loosen the hairs. For tangles, gently brush a few hairs at a time to separate them from the rest of the tangle. Sometimes it helps to use the Conair brush once you've worked the mat out to untangle the rest down to the root. Ergonomic shape is comfortable for use in either hand, big hands and little hands; Contoured pins form to the shape of the scalp; For best results brush a section of hair at a time, starting at the ends and working up to the roots. Posted on March 19, 2019 March 21, 2019 Categories Curl Care Tags brush with the best, detangler brush, detangling brush, does a detangler brush work, Featured, felecia leatherwood, how to detangle natural hair, how to use a detangler brush Leave a comment on Brush with the Best Detangler Brush by Felecia Leatherwood learn how. Slicker brush. It will depend on the kind of hair you have. This can take up to 15 minutes. Undercoat rake. For a … If you want to double up on the preventative measures, you can also use a wide tooth comb to brush through your strands while you have conditioner in. If you have a dog with a mix of long and short fur, such as a golden retriever or a collie, use one of these — it’s the best-kept secret of dog groomers. Learn to detangle like a pro & achieve salon results at home. When dry detangling your hair you can use your fingers, a wide-tooth comb, or a paddle brush. see more . Bathe your dog. The flexible head with separate bristles makes it really easy to detangle your hair.. HOW TO USE: Use in the shower or out of the shower. 7. However, we recommend using the brush without the attachment for the best detangling experience; but it may be used for everyday styling of the hair. Use your brush. For thin or tightly curled hair, a wide-toothed comb works best. Apply product of choice to your hair and detangle. Put it in a tie and tie it back or tuck it away from the matted side. Comb. The 2017 Best of Beauty-winning Wet Brush Shower Flex works its way through the toughest of tangles. Using your fingers first can make it easier to find and work through smaller knots. Work your way down to the end. A good everyday grooming tool with thin wires, which can help work out most mats.